They say there is no limit to learning and education. This time we are happy to share an interesting interview with Algirdas Stasiunaitis, account executive from OSOS, and spread a little bit of his views.

To begin with, OSOS is a Software development company from Lithuania. They build websites, mobile apps and different custom solutions. The company has already gained trust from a different set of clients including recognized branding agencies like Milk, Not Perfect and others.

Here is the interview:


What’s your secret sauce? What’s that magic drink? 🙂

The sauce is team oriented development. We often forget to ask opinion of those who we are working with, it‘s no secret that programmers are intraverts, but they are extremely important in business activities we are dealing with. Moreover, the magic drink is unbeatable desire to deliver quality on time.


Everybody is talking about success cases. Yes, we will mention them too. But what about the failures? In reality, experienced people understand that you always make bigger or smaller mistakes when you actually do things. What were the biggest ones for you? What did you learn from them?

Failure is an unlearned lesson. In my opinion, we had only lessons. The biggest ones were:

  • Do not follow the money;
  • Do not seek for best known clients, seek for those who feel mutual respect.


Just to be fair and represent both sides of the coin: what are your success cases? What are the projects you are mostly proud of?

The hardest ones are always the most mention-worthy. I will mention only a few of them:

  • International parcel delivery comparison platform.
  • International rowing contest management system.
  • Automated telecommunication tower management system.


What is the hardest at your job? How do you cope with that?

For me the hardest part is to maintain growth, while handling daily processes. Growth is related with goals, project and financial timing as well as efficient working. The only way I can cope with it is to evaluate current situation daily and dive into the ocean of unknown and unexpected.


What type of criteria would you recommend for a customer to assess a potential software service provider?

Very few clients have competences to evaluate experience and quality of services. If I was one of them, firstly I would talk with clients of particular IT company. Secondly, try to find out their point of view about mutual respect. Thirdly, does that company fully understand my needs and has a solution.


What are the biggest don’ts for a client when it comes down to working with a provider? What would you recommend to them?

Great quality services are never „cheap“, BUT in the long run great quality services are almost always cheaper than „cheap services“.


What’s your funniest story in software development? Did you have miscommunications due to cultural or language differences?

Actually we didn’t experience miscommunications worthy to mention, maybe its because of our 7 stages project development method. Moreover, we usually do our homework before starting cooperation. So most of the funny situations are geeky stuff, when client tries to explain how we should work.


What would you say are the biggest trends in software development nowadays?

  • Information accessibility
  • Wearable technology software;
  • Business process mobilisation software;


What’s your dream destination or activity for a vacation?

Destination – Kepler-438 b. Activity – wind related sports.

The end of an interview.


It’s worth stressing that OSOS has been accepted to Aciety due to their progressive attitude, the application of the latest technologies and approaches. The company can definitely be characterized as a trending one.

OSOS deals with technologies like .NET, Java and the other ones that are aimed for developing custom software. They also build websites and master various CMS systems (such as OpenCart, Silverstripe,..) as well as PHP (mostly Laravel, Yii, Symfony 2,..) based solutions. In the mobile category OSOS can build solutions for all ecosystems and of course iOS and Android comes as the most popular ones. All in all, the company is evolving fast and Aciety clients are happy about that.