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Relationship managers for unicorns current and future and software developers

We match your tech needs with the best
European software development teams available for long-term rent.

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Unicorns come to Aciety at different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s one special developer you are looking for, a team that could scale, or a software project that simply needs done - Aciety provides the match.


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Great CV alone does not guarantee
successful relationship

Aciety approves 23% of service providers from Europe to join its ranks with their developers.

Those we approve have a few things in common:

Their developers look for meaningful, up to few year relationships (with companies like yours), full time dedication and opportunity to move on once the time comes; while

The service provider concentrates on scaling the team for you when necessary, providing devs the learning environment; and

Ensuring the overall knowledge transfer and accumulation to and within your organization.

We look for fitting type of devs, cultural match and experience - that becomes the recipe for lasting and successful relationships in software development.

Devs from Aciety seem fun,
but are they for me?

There is about 40% chance that - they are. It’s interesting for us to communicate with you via text, but talking live would help answer this question much easier.

The number one conversation (pre-)starter we have is “We hire inhouse and would like to keep it that way” and yet - in about 40% of the cases, within 1st or 2nd conversation we land on a pilot project (meaningful thing to be done that could scale to long-term collaboration).

So is it for you?

40% chance that - it is. Let’s have a call and turn it to 100% clarity.

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Aciety is home for 2000+ European service providers,
each with 5 to 2000 developers.

If your developers can adhere to the principles of Aciety Dedifesto, then we can:

Match you with Aciety clients;

Help build lasting relationships with them;

And grow your win % of all projects (both in and outside of Aciety)

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Got a lead you do not service?

Exchange it to the one that you do.

As in relationships - Aciety Lead Exchange Scoring engine ensures that each prospective client ends up with a great match, while the one sending - gets their too.

200+ Service providers exchange leads in Aciety.
From 5 thousand EUR website to 5 million EUR team (70 developers for long-term project) and all in between.

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Aciety Helps Grow Your Software
Service Company via Higher Win %

Over the last 9 years we have seen and participated in thousands of client - supplier interviews and projects. We’ve observed what helps and especially - what prevents companies from winning, even though they might be the most competitive ones.

Over 2021-2022 we’ve started coaching some of our suppliers to ensure that their potential is properly observed by clients and have found significant changes in win rates in such cases.

Now, in 2023 - we have developed a package, that helps not only get more leads, but grow trust in your brand and win more clients (both in and outside of Aciety).

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