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What is trending in 2022: Next-Level Partnerships
3 minutes, 47 seconds read
Since having a unique insight into software outsourcing market trends, let‘s take a look at our top picks of the high-impact trends that will shape software development outsourcing in 2022.
Intelligent Apps (I-Apps): What are they and how they help in our everyday life?
2 minutes, 51 seconds read
We are living in a digitized world, where a smartphone accidentally forgotten and left at home could cause a lot of problems. Imagine that you are walking down the street and you want to check your phone, you search for it in your pocket, but... It’s not there! You forgot it.
New & updated services at Aciety
14 seconds read
We are more than excited to announce about some of the new services as well as important updates on the existing ones.
9 tips for better communication with outsourced development teams
3 minutes, 47 seconds read
When thinking of client-developer relationships that are mutually beneficial, a few things come to mind: understanding, trust, and cooperation. Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate these principles (and manage outsourcing) more practically.
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
2 minutes, 9 seconds read
Sales automation software has become a sought-after solution among businesses of all industries and sizes. Sales and Marketing teams are realizing significant advantages thanks to cutting-edge systems that can shorten the sales cycle and automate redundant or menial processes that save precious time and capital resources.
Internal Links: the Most Overlooked Part of SEO
1 minute, 55 seconds read
In the world of SEO, backlinks are a frequently discussed topic. The discussion almost always revolves around good and bad external backlinks. How do you build up good backlinks? How do you get rid of bad, unwanted links? Links remain one of the most important ranking factors in Google’s algorithm, so such questions are more than justified.
What is THE REAL COST of hiring cheap developers?
2 minutes read
The market demand for software development teams is growing considerably. With the shortage of supply and ever-growing demand, clients look towards outsourcing to try and reduce the cost of their projects. The balance between quality and cost is important, however, when it comes to hiring third party developers, it seems the cost is the driving force behind the final decision.
Success story: How a small company found their software partners with Aciety
2 minutes, 22 seconds read
Finding a technical partner that is willing to work on a solution made by another team of developers can prove to be difficult. Even more so, when the company seeking a said partner is a small team of people whose background in IT is somewhat limited.
The “Golden Age” of E-Commerce
3 minutes read
The unprecedented health situation in the world has immensely shaped the habits of consumers, companies, and governments. Due to quarantine, almost all sales have been conducted via the Internet which enabled a predictable “Golden Age” of E-Commerce.
Lithuania shifts from IT Outsourcing to IT Outsharing
2 minutes, 46 seconds read
IT Development has been a hot topic for a while. Lithuania has built its reputation as a reliable IT outsourcing destination. Many businesses and organizations has sought for talent in this region.


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