Testing is an important and underestimated part of software development

One can hardly find a person, who has never used a computer or smartphone, tried to interact with a software product. We utilize applications performing tasks at work, in order to communicate with friends or for entertainment. Lots of programs for different purposes appear every day.

Most of the people know that software products are written by developers. Unfortunately, they are unaware or forget about the contribution of test engineers to creation of applications.

Testers participate in every development process. They verify work of the programmers, find errors in the application, help to improve it, make it user-friendly, properly functional and competitive at the market.


What it takes to be a great tester

There are various myths about testers. One of them is that anybody can be a software tester and no specific education or knowledge is needed for that.

As a matter of fact, ordinary users can be involved in software testing, they can perform beta testing of the products, but such an experience doesn’t make them professional test engineers.

As a rule, every test engineer specializes in certain testing types. One is good in manual, the other – in automated testing. Some testing activities, like security testing, performance testing, require deep knowledge in the niches, skills in using certain tools, mastering some programming languages.

Unlike Amateurs, Professional Test Engineers:

– elaborate a custom test plan, test strategy and test cases considering specificities of the project based on the project documents or without them;

– carefully document every found error; all the reported issues can be easily reproduced following the steps; the descriptions of the defects are short and informative, screenshots or video records of the error are always added;

– often suggest solutions of the reported problems;

– give general feedback of the program, mention its advantages and weaknesses, recommend ways of removing the weaknesses and improving the system;

– are flexible; they concentrate only on high priority areas and serious issues of the software in case of lack of time on thorough testing.


Testers within Aciety network

Aciety is a network of top software development companies, aiming to have specialized experts within their narrow fields has a solid testing company on board – QATestLab.

QATestLab has been specializing in outsourcing software testing and quality assurance services for a decade. All its testers are top-ranked professionals; they have substantial experience in verifying quality of desktop, mobile and web applications for clients from all over the world. They ensure quality of different e-commerce programs, social networks, games, web sites and application for various purposes.

So first of all, bear in mind that testing is a prevention that can fix problems early in the development process and as a result save much money and time in the medium term. Also keep in mind that as in many cases in life professional specialized expert can perform way better than a jack of all crafts. Therefore check Aciety for the specialized masters of their craft.