The unprecedented health situation in the world has immensely shaped the habits of consumers, companies, and governments. Due to quarantine, almost all sales have been conducted via the Internet which enabled a predictable “Golden Age” of E-Commerce.

Businesses that used to face their customers live had to quickly adapt to social distancing rules and be present online. At the very beginning of the world-wide lockdowns the surge in e-commerce sites has been unparalleled, so were the sales via online commerce.

The biggest gainers are “essential” products and services, sellers, with a strong presence online way before the lockdown. Their sales online have roughly increased by 60–70% on average, with some reporting 100–200% increase in sales.

Retailers that did not have a strong presence online, or had none at all, had to rethink, regroup, and create a channel for the move of their goods with brick and mortar out of option.