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We help businesses speed up the software development process without spending time or money hiring new people.

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We have 100,000+ developers in our talent pool across the EU who are ready to work with you and get started as soon as possible.

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If you are interested in expanding your team, we can help to hire AngularJS programmers that would complement your organization.

Highest Quality

We guarantee a scalable web structure that exceeds your expectations. Our QA experts will ensure every aspect of your app meets our high standards when you hire an AngularJs developer.

While Angular comes with some incredible features, in order to fully leverage the framework, you must hire skilled AngularJS developers or a dedicated team of Frontend developers who are well-versed in the framework's advanced features and updates in order to deliver flawless Angular solutions in the form of an app or a website.

We will connect you for a dedicated AngularJS programmer and you'll receive profiles from some of the best frontend devs who fit your business. Choose the best AngularJS developers for your project and enjoy seamless cutting-edge Angular development.

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How to Hire AngularJS Developers?

While Angular comes with some incredible features, in order to fully leverage the framework, you must hire skilled AngularJS developers or a dedicated team of AngularJS developers who are well-versed in the framework's advanced features and updates in order to deliver flawless Angular solutions in the form of an app or a website. 

Aciety's skilled AngularJS developers provide brilliantly designed single-page applications through the use of AngularJS's complete capabilities. Connect for a dedicated AngularJS programmer and you'll receive profiles from some of the best frontend devs who fit your business. Choose the best AngularJS developers for your project and enjoy seamless cutting-edge Angular development.

There are several steps to consider before hiring an angular developer:

Step 1: Collect your project requirements

Step 2: Choose an engagement model 

Step 3: Choose a pricing model 

Step 4: The shortlist of candidates (In-house or Remote)

Step 5: Sign the contract

Collect your project requirements

There is a perfect bridge description to describe a detailed project to connect to the ideal developers. The exact project description will help to auto-evaluate developers based on their skills, experience, and scope of work. Inform your organization, the scope of work, and the project timeline to understand the work.

Detailed written project specifications can surely be extremely beneficial.

Collect project requirements by seeing long-term and short-term goals. With the description of the defined project at hand, you can start looking for dedicated developers.

Choose engagement model

Aciety's engagement model is based on specific customization - the timetable, budget, and deliverables. We provide remote developers ( Off-Site); this is the most appropriate engagement strategy for each customer since it ensures that our clients receive highly skilled dedicated developers and that all of their requirements are met within a certain timeframe.

Existing engagement models:

  • On-Site Team (If develo
  • Off-Site Team ( Outsourcing ) 
  • Hybrid Team 

Let’s choose a pricing model

For hiring our dedicated AngularJS developers, we have a team of pricing models that ensures that our clients have a transparent agreement with us and with dedicated programmers.

Fixed Price

This approach is ideal for clients that are certain of their requirements and wish to employ a company to assume complete responsibility for the project. After the job is completed, the client is charged a one-time fee for the full project in the form of a fixed payment.

Dedicated Model 

Aciety has a dedicated AngularJS development team that responds to the clients' business requirements. The developers carry out certain tasks for their clientele.

Timing and Materials

By opting for this approach, the client is charged for the time and effort invested by the devoted developers in completing the project.

The shortlist of candidates (In-house or Remote programmers)

If you are already clear about your project specifications and technical requirements, then candidates must be easy. However, there are some preconditions for AngularJS developers: 

Technical experience:

Does the candidate have experience in the case of AngularJS technology? Are they fully with the AngularJS libraries and dependencies required for a particular project? Hands-on experience in working with the AngularJS structure, the latest version, and experience relevant to the project (web, local, and mobile apps) make it a better option for recruiting candidates.

Project management:

In addition, the management of the work should be in the form of built-in quality and the role to establish your priorities.

Expertise and portfolio background-

It is always advised to investigate the background of a person with whom you will be working and to assign some test tasks. To learn more about the authenticity of the profile, ask for customer testimonials and feedback about any of their specific expertise

How much does it cost to hire AngularJS engineers?

To hire the best Angular developers, it is important to consider the hourly rates charged by each specialist. They can charge between 30 and 150 per hour. The fees vary according to the developers' experience, location, and skill set, as well as the type of Angular development services for which they are employed.

The average gross monthly income of an angular developer is listed below:

  • United States of America - 8700 per month for Angular 2 and 8850 per month for Angular 4 
  • United Kingdom - 8200 for Angular 2 and 8300 for Angular 4 
  • Australia - 7100 for Angular 2 and 7500 for Angular 4+ 
  • Eastern Europe - 4100 per month for Angular 2; 4500 per month for Angular 4.

Outsourcing is advantageous for ensuring that angular developers' services are inexpensive. Even hiring freelancer engineers may be a more cost-effective way to begin developing a budget-friendly web application for the company/business. While it is crucial to have trustworthy and vetted developers in your network, our recommendation is that you choose a team of dedicated professionals from Aciety.

Essential skills for AngularJS Developer 

1. Rxjs

Rxjs is a responsive programming library with a visual flow. It has been bundled with the structure and it has been requested that many common functions be used as HTTP. Pointed Unpublished King and other Features Uses API provides a consistent API for continuous use.

2. NPM

Node Package Manager is a real tool needed by all web developers these days. Pen included - if you don't develop Node.js, get the basic device client-side used to install thousands of web development packages. Typing in many packages and finally, you most likely need to install other useful, non-tick packages. Therefore, when you need to install it is necessary to install.

3. AngularJS CLI

Install the first-to-install package install clip (command-line interface). It is possible to write sharp package code but processing all new applications, frameworks, structures, and simple clip processes make it easy and sure to follow the best practices of your application.

Building benefits of using a new App Clip you can use It to Add new elements, services, modules, and more to the existing app. There are many ways you can be sure that you will not forget to follow the penis guidelines, and you can be sure that small bits and pieces of working code will make sense and make the difference between head to head.

4. TypeScript

Client web applications are written in traditional Java.TypeScript Java superset is associated with strong type support. This is the recommended language for creating sharp applications.

There are many reasons to use Java instead, but the list of bugs has dropped and the ability to fix your code with confidence has increased. By taking advantage of strong typing, you can make sure you and your team are running and using tasks because you don't want to use them. This will undoubtedly reduce any major code error. Additionally, using TypeScript lightning will require your application to develop your code as your users develop and believe in refactoring your users. Fear yourself to improve the current performance of the fear you will not be able to get rid of a large part of the code.

5. AngularJS

Just to create a clause, every sharp application component and service is required. How to add and connect these pieces and learn what you need to create a complete product application. You have a strong foundation for continuous education and fast implementation of modern solutions.

6. HTML and CSS

Removing the most basic web development technique is not necessary. Blocking the building blocks that you need to make a quick efficient application, but those apps are still in the browser and browsers to create HTML and CSS user interfaces. 

Typical content and other types of libraries are pretty good to help you deliver beautiful apps quickly, but you need to know the things that you need to get on and get things going, but always basic principles like HTML and CSS!

At Aciety, we are well-known for our superior AngularJS development services, which are delivered by our AngularJS professionals who successfully accomplish your business objectives through high-quality solutions. They contain the following abilities:

  • Expert in designing and creating user interfaces using AngularJS best practices. 
  • Proficient in JavaScript, CSS1, and HTML. 
  • Experience making complex design and technical decisions for AngularJS projects.
  • Conduct flawless performance testing. 
  • Ensure that apps perform at a high level and provide assistance. Expert in establishing job descriptions for product analysis. 
  • Developing application code and unit tests in Java, AngularJS, and Rest Web Services.

The Advantages of Hiring AngularJS Developers

Our dedicated team of AngularJS developers has years of experience. They can build complex applications across platforms and optimize them for search engines.

  • Cost-Effective. There is no necessity for real office space. Additionally, clients benefit from lower development costs.
  • More Concentrated on Business. Due to the client's association with a dedicated Angular development team, they will be provided with a team of designers, project managers, architects, and developers. This focuses clients' attention on the business process, as the remote developers are accountable for delivering high-quality software.
  • Productivity Enhancement. Due to the client's ability to select the most competent and best team, they see more productive results than with alternative models.
  • Models of Engagement. That is flexible when you hire dedicated developers, you have the option of hiring them on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis, depending on your business needs.
  • Transparency is Guaranteed. The specialized Angular engineers communicate with the clients frequently via numerous communication options to keep them completely informed.

Why Hire AngularJS Developer from Aciety

Dynamic Sourcing. Within 48 hours of discussing your requirement with us, you can begin recruiting. We handle the screening and sourcing for you.

Cost-efficient. We have a devoted team of AngularJS developers who are skilled in providing cost-effective services.

 Lack of Talents. Aciety connects you to a pool of pre-vetted people who are ready to join your organization.

Time Zone Flexibility. Our remote AngularJS developers are prepared to work in any timezone.

Compliance and Security. Aciety adheres to global data protection and compliance standards, ensuring the safety and security of your data.

Interview with No Obligation. Conducting an interview does not obligate you to hire the candidate. If you are dissatisfied with one of the profiles, we recommend others. There are no questions asked.

Simple Cancellation. Once you've hired an AngularJS developer, if you believe he or she does not fit, give us a month's notice and we'll recommend a replacement or, if you prefer, you can terminate.

Delivery on time. Hire AngularJS programmers from Aciety network who adhere to a rigid work schedule and deliver on time.

A Multicultural Workforce. A remote workforce enables an inclusive and varied workplace that is not constrained by social or geographical restrictions.


What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC framework that allows you to create dynamic web applications on the client side. AngularJS began as a Google project but has since evolved into a free and open source framework.Because AngularJS is solely built on HTML and JavaScript, no additional syntax or language knowledge is required.

Why do I need to hire an AngularJS developer?

When you are looking to save your money, it’s recommended to hire AngularJs developer or a dedicated software team. Besides this, there are many other reasons that make you hire our dedicated development team:

  • The best option for start-ups and other businesses or enterprises. 
  • Let the clients in having complete control over the project
  • Offers cost-effective and flexible development solutions
  • Best quality services

How experienced is the team at Aciety network?

You will find the greatest dedicated developers at Aciety, who have worked on various software projects with a large developer network.