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Hire an iOS developer in 2022 is not a simple task. While Apple's recent market share data put the company's mobile devices at 28.27%, iPhone customers are known to spend more money online on paid apps, premium services, and non-digital products.

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There are various technical arguments in favor of iOS development. IOS platform is more standardized than Android, developing an app for it takes less time. Additionally, there are fewer Apple mobile device varieties, which simplifies the process of developing exceptional UI and UX designs for iOS apps.

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Aciety possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to develop robust, scalable, and feature-rich iOS mobile applications, including the following:

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Essential skills for iOS Developer

It's critical for you and your recruitment team to identify the minimum requirements for iOS dedicated or in-house programmers so that you know exactly what to look for in your search. 

Application development is about the synthesis of creativity, vision, skills, and professionalism. So, which qualities are needed the most to hire iOS developers in order to guarantee the best results, how actually hire iOS programmers? 



For iOS developers designing and maintaining applications for Apple's iOS mobile operating system experience is critical in this case. They are responsible for creating and developing the program's foundation, assuring its quality, resolving application issues, maintaining the code, and implementing application upgrades. 

Analytical and structural reasoning.

Critical thinking is especially useful when it comes to working with app development and solving problems that may arise.

Graphic design knowledge.

To hire iOS app developers, coding is just one part of the job. The other part consists of creating a design that is visually appealing. It requires experience and a sense of how to work with graphic elements.

Programming Languages.

A mobile developer's knowledge of programming languages is required. Objective-C is primarily used by Apple iOS developers, while Java is frequently used by Android developers. However, it is advantageous to be familiar with many programming languages. This distinguishes you from other job applicants. More about technical requirements read here.



iOS developers must be proficient in both spoken and written communication. If you hire iOS programmer to design a mobile app, they must be able to ask the correct questions to ascertain the client's objectives and needs. Additionally, developers had to be able to communicate with team members or employees and explain an application to non-technical team members or clients. This involves the ability to communicate technical concepts in simple, straightforward language.

How much does it cost to hire iOS developer? 

Hiring an iOS application developer might be challenging. Numerous variables influence the cost of hiring an iOS or Android developer. The following are a few points to bear in mind:

  1. Chosen Mobile Platform: Native, Cross-Platform or Hybrid
  2. Expertise and Experience in iOS and Android
  3. Location of the iOS App Developer
  4. iOS App Project Complexity
  5. Type of App Development

Chosen Mobile Platform: Native, Cross-Platform or Hybrid


Which platform do you want to build a mobile app for? Which platform should you use: Android, iOS, Windows, Cross-Platform, or Hybrid? The cost of hiring app developers varies depending on which operating system you use to launch your app. If you want to launch a native app, whether it's for iOS or Android, you'll need to engage an app developer who can create a codebase for a certain mobile platform. The time and expense of developing a native app for various platforms will be added to the budget.


If you're searching for a business app that works across many platforms, a hybrid or cross-platform application is a good option. It will be a less expensive and time-consuming choice because an app that runs on many platforms can be developed with a single codebase.

Expertise and Experience in iOS and Android

When it comes to developing a mobile app, you'll have the option of using a variety of technologies, frameworks, and programming languages. However, the success of each app is determined by how developers use strategies to modify the app's look and feel.

App developers handle a wide range of duties, and the cost of hiring them varies proportionally

Programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, and the Android Studio IDE are commonly used by intermediate Android app developers. However, some of them are also proficient in frameworks such as Ionic, Cordova, and Material Foundation. Apart from that, they have excellent bug-tracking skills at any level of app development and the capacity to handle the complexity of app development.

( the Swift 3.0 programming language, Apple's Xcode IDE, Spatial Reasoning, Design Guidelines, UI and UX design experience, Apple Human Interface Guidelines, Core Data, More Tech skills of iOS developers  [ Read here ] 


TIP* these are some of the necessary hard talents for an iOS developer. As the iOS platform continues to improve and expand into new worlds such as augmented reality, iOS developers may be required to understand ARKit 3 and Reality Kit. When you hire an iOS programmer who possesses these abilities, you can expect them to provide next-generation experiences. However, some of these skills may be employed sparingly, as not all clients will require augmented reality experiences.

Location of the iOS App Developer

Did you ever consider that the cost of hiring app developers varies substantially depending on the location you choose to hire them. You can find international tech talent at reasonable hourly rates.

Keep in mind that the cost of a mobile app developer will be calculated on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the agreement you make with the mobile app development business you employ. They usually labor between 30 and 140 hours per month.

App Project Complexity

The duration of the mobile app development project might range from one week to five months or more, depending on the app's concept, design, integrations, features, and functioning. Determine your mobile app need to gain a better understanding of the development phases, technologies, processes, and time required to complete the project.

Explaining the simple, clear, and basic version requires a developer who will build the app at a cheaper rate and in a shorter amount of time. If you're upgrading an old app to a newer version, adding Swift 5, or moving a Java application to Kotlin, you should absolutely search for a professional app development company. 

Type of App Development


Before deciding whether these fees are too high or too low for hiring an app developer to construct a certain app, you should review the following table to learn more about each app type. To hire iOS programmer, dedicated software companies have an official rate €45 - €70 p/h and the average market rate for senior-level iOS developers is around € 60 p/h. Cost differences depend on the iOS app development experience level.

Want to hire iOS programmers to work with you?

While iOS app engineers are responsible for creating the mobile app starting from zero, programmers specify in working particularly with codes. The technical side plays a huge role in mobile application projects: it’s important to have a clean and efficient code for the app as well as test it, debug and troubleshoot when needed.

The following sections will help you find the right one while saving you time and resources: 

  • Prepare a technical project description
  • Specify candidate requirements
  • Choose an engagement model
  • Candidates and Interviews
  • Sign a contract


Prepare a technical project description

The first step in completing the project is to describe your objectives, goals, and overall approach. Describe what you plan to accomplish and what you would like to be delivered. Be sure to keep the description short and sweet, but be comprehensive all the same. The majority of dedicated software development teams start a project with a brief or tech project description. That enables developers to comprehend your business's specialty, target market, and objectives.

A technical project description will assist your technology partner in determining the type of mobile application you intend to construct and how it will be used in the future, allowing the company to select the appropriate technologies, processes, and tools. You'll also guarantee that the final result meets your expectations by submitting a brief.

Specify candidate requirements

Mobile software developers for Android and iOS create, test, and deploy mobile applications. Also need to keep in mind that these developers are in high demand, owing to the prevalence of smartphones and tablets. These are some of the highest-paying technology jobs available.

Many app developers are self-taught due to the ever-changing mobile ecosystem. Additionally, developers frequently take courses in computer science, and some even hold master's degrees or PhDs in the subject.

While technical abilities are necessary for Android and iOS mobile developers, they also require a combination of additional hard and soft talents. The capacity to communicate effectively is critical, as are superior analytical abilities.

Before you even begin looking to hire for your next iOS app freelancer or dedicated developer, consider making a list of the skills and qualifications necessary as well as what type of experience they must have and how long they should have it. Having specific search criteria will make the process far easier. 

Choose an engagement model

Fixed price. This option, which is frequently referred to as a fixed bid or lump sum contract, is the clearest. As implied by its name, this strategy is all about pre-financing your project's costs far before development begins.

Additionally, it is about carefully documenting all requirements, developing precise project scope, and establishing a strict calendar with well-defined milestones. However, it is primarily about predictability.

Non-fixed Price: Time and Materials. In fact, time and material contracts (acronym T&M) provide significantly more flexibility than fixed-price contracts. When the product vision is not crystal clear, when the market reality changes constantly, and when the underlying technology rapidly evolves, it is impossible to forecast the whole and final scope of the project.

In such circumstances, you can either break them down into smaller, more manageable pieces and proceed with the Fixed Price model, or you can begin development without clear requirements and pay as you go using the T&M model.

Non-fixed Price: Cost Plus. The Cost Plus model is usually used in combination with outstaffing or personnel leasing, a process in which one company lends part of its specialists to another for a specified length of time.

In fact, this implies that you, the customer, can "borrow" a few of developers/QA engineers, etc. who will work for you until the project is completed or their services are no longer required.

The client is responsible for the developers' wages, as well as all associated expenses and a contractor's fee. At the conclusion of each month, the contractor submits a detailed analysis of all project-related expenses that are supported by documentation.

DDC - Dedicated Team / Dedicated Development Centre. ​​Development businesses provide the DDC model to clients that require the addition of a few remote specialists to their existing team or the establishment of a full-fledged offshore/nearchore development center. In this situation, the contractor serves as both an outsourcing provider and a human resources agency.

The dedicated software development company supplies the essential specialists, and the client selects them for the team. The contractor ensures that each team member maintains a high level of professionalism and a strong work ethic.

DDC costs are calculated as the sum of all team members' salaries (which are typically billed monthly) plus the contractor's fee.

Find and hire iOS programmers 

Find right dedicated developers: You can hire iOS programmers using the internet search and freelancer’s online platforms or you can contact us and we will find you dedicated remote mobile app developers with the right skills and experience for your project.


Conduct interviews: Interviewing candidates will ensure you are hiring qualified developers for your iOs app project. It's best to have in mind what you are looking for in a potential employee, follow the same interview structure each time, and be clear about what the job will require and what you expect from a candidate.


Sign a contract: You are all set. Contact your legal team for constant and open communication regarding the progress of your Android app, and inform your Android app developer when to start developing.


How Realistic is My App Idea?

One of the most frequently asked questions about app development is whether the app that is about to be built, invented, and developed is even feasible. To be sure, the only way to address this question is to put the concept to the test in a real-world setting with genuine prospects. You'll need to take your concept, develop a functioning prototype, and then offer it to the public to determine if it's something they're interested in.

There is no way to know if your idea will succeed unless you take it to prospects or at the very least look at how comparable apps have succeeded in the market.

Who are my Ideal Clients?

One of the most critical mobile app development questions is to determine who the app is for. Before you begin, you must determine who your app's end users are.

A complete examination of the app's user demographics is necessary to determine who the app is intended for. Concentrate your research on determining your end users' age, purchasing habits, the neighborhood to which they belong, the issues they encounter, the amount of time they spend on their devices, and their security preferences, among other things.

Planning your mobile app development process around your target clients will take you a long way toward app success.

What is the category of Mobile Apps?

Your software should be designed in such a way that it may be classified under any of the categories available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Knowing the app category will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on competition research. As a result, I'll recommend that you identify both the primary and at least one secondary category to which your mobile application belongs.

How Would I Secure iOS App Concept?

Finding strategies to secure an app idea from being duplicated is one of the most frequently asked questions about mobile apps. The reality is that you will retain control of your app concept until it is put on the market. Once implemented, as soon as your competitors notice great evaluations, they will attempt to incorporate the idea into their own mobile application, unless and until you have patented your app idea, which works on some levels.

Meanwhile, while you're still in the brainstorming or conceptualization stages, you can safeguard your idea from being revealed by signing an NDA with the app development organizations with whom you're in discussions.

How long would it take to develop iOS application?

Another actual mobile app development question is the length of time required to develop an app. Depending on the complexity of the app, you should have a reasonable understanding of how long it will take to create.

While it typically takes between six and seven months to complete the app development process from concept to launch, some sophisticated apps can take up to a year or even longer. You are not required to wait that long for the development process to conclude. The following are some strategies for shortening your app development timeline.

Compare this time to the launch date you've chosen for your app and decide whether to produce an MVP first or wait until the entire app is fully created before launching.

How much would it cost to develop iOS App?

As with time, the cost is totally dependent on the number of features you intend to include in your mobile app. Obtaining pricing quotes from various app development services will assist you in developing and establishing a budget.

The following factors lead to the total cost of the project:

  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Development
  • Testing
  • App Integration with existing systems

When speaking with your preferred mobile app development company, ensure that your list of questions to ask an app developer includes the various components included in the quoted pricing and an approximate estimate of any additional costs associated with app updates or expansion.

How am I going to keep my App from failing in App stores?

The following issue on our list of critical mobile application development questions is How to avoid an app failing in the market. Believe it or not, the success of your app is highly dependent on you. Extensive market research and prompt resolution of your users' complaints are the only two strategies you may employ to rise above your competition in the app store's million apps.

Regardless of where you are in the App Development process, set aside time to investigate your industry and end-users. Each stage of the process, from ideation to mobile app testing and UI/UX design, should be undertaken after conducting due diligence on the market and the businesses that operate inside.

Finally, the solution to these failure-related mobile development concerns is as follows: The route to your app's success is paved with in-depth market research conducted at each stage of the app's lifecycle, which continues even after the app is launched in the market.

How frequently should I update iOS App?

What should my update strategy be is another of those non-standard mobile application development queries and answers.

The frequency of app updates is entirely dependent on two factors: the new technology or feature introduced by your industry/competitor and the complaints raised in your app's review area.

While some companies update their applications on a biweekly basis, others have not updated their apps in over a year, and there is no tangible data to suggest which method is superior. Thus, it is fully dependent on you, the business in which you work, and the audience for whom you are designing the app.

How am I able to secure my application?

In an era where our mobile world is awash with cases involving app data breaches and security risks, it is critical that your app be secure from all angles to avoid a future fraught with hazards and lawsuits. Additionally, you now possess the solutions to all of your mobile application testing-related inquiries.

Securing your app is your mobile app development agency's responsibility. All you need to do is emphasize the importance of a robust mobile app security feature within your application. As for us, security is a top priority in the Mobile App Quality Assurance process that we use to ensure the quality of our apps.

Will it be released in one go or in stages?

Additionally, we want to know what our client's intentions are for the app's release. Do they intend to launch a proof-of-concept to evaluate interest? or do they wish to take their time and release a fully-fledged program once it is completed?

While updates are typically introduced as they become available after the app is launched, some organizations prefer to launch an MVP due to cost and technological constraints. Thus, whether you desire to release the full program in one go or in stages is entirely up to you.

Should I Create a Wireframe for Aciety?

As for us, we do not require a wireframe from you when you approach us with an app idea; instead, we create one based on your app idea if it will be a need for it. However, having a wireframe prepared frequently simplifies the conversation step.

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