Looking to Hire React native Developers? 


React Native is a powerful NativeScript framework for developing cross-platform mobile apps. It enables developers to use React to create user interfaces that look and feel native on both Android and iOS devices. 

As a result, businesses are turning to React Native to develop their mobile apps, as it allows for faster development times and reduced costs. If you're looking to hire React Native developers, then look no further than the dedicated developers at Aciety. 

It lets you build mobile apps using only NativeScript. React Native apps are indistinguishable from native apps built with Objective C or Swift.

React Native is perfect for building high-quality, fast, and reliable mobile apps. If you're looking to build a mobile app, it's worth considering React Native as an option.

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If you're looking to hire React Native developers, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

  • First, make sure the developers you hire are experienced in React Native development. If you are looking to develop a mobile app, then you should definitely consider hiring React Native developers. 
  • They will be able to help you build an app that looks and feels like a natural extension of your brand. In addition, they will be able to help you utilize all of the features of React Native, which will allow you to create a high-quality app quickly and easily.

Who is using React?

React is used by a wide range of companies, from small startups to large corporations, and you should be familiar with the following names:


What you should know about React Native Developers?


How to hire react native developers?


React Native is a NativeScript open-source mobile application development framework created by Facebook. It allows you to create native apps for Android and iOS using React, a popular NativeScript library for building user interfaces.

React Native has many benefits for businesses, including the ability to share code between iOS and Android versions of an app, faster development times, and lower costs.


However, React Native development is not as widespread as traditional web development, so businesses may find it difficult to find qualified developers.


Hiring a ReactJS native developer is a daunting task. It can be difficult to find someone with the right skills, and even more difficult to find someone you can trust. But, with the right process, it doesn't have to be impossible. In this blog post, we'll outline a step-by-step guide on how to find and hire react native developers.


Is it difficult to find dedicated react developers?


Hiring the best React Native developers is the most important thing you can do for your project. With React Native app development becoming the most popular way for programmers to build modern Android or iOS apps with React Native, finding and hiring engineers with years of experience has become difficult. 


Even a junior developer should have clean experience working on a proper React Native project, enough to be proficient in React Native nuances, components, libraries, frameworks, APIs, etc. Even if a junior has no work experience, he should have projects he enjoys where he practices all these skills.     


If your project is growing and you already have a development team that can support and mentor a newbie, you can hire a junior developer. If you need a reliable partner to help you find the best developer for your project, staffing is the best temporary hire model. With the rapidly growing popularity of hiring models such as mobile app development outsourcing and recruitment, your company is no longer limited to a local talent pool.      


Outsource React Developers


Outsourcing companies can hire the entire team including PMs to coordinate the workflow, UI/UX designers to take care of the UI and all visual elements, React Native app developers, and QA engineers to test all possible bugs and bugs. User experience. 

  • The biggest advantage of a software development company is that they can take responsibility for the entire project, so you won't need to hire other professionals. 
  • A development company is the best option if you are planning a medium to the large project but don't have your own team. By concluding an agreement with a software development company, you will receive the necessary specialist/team within a few days.   

Hiring a developer yourself is a very focused and practical process that requires significant knowledge in the field of software development in general. For such robust technology, you need a developer who can get the most out of it. 

  • The average developer should be familiar with the app signing flow, understand where and how to get all the components needed for this purpose, and know-how to deploy the app to Google Play and the App Store. 
  • Middle React Native developers should be familiar with the features of integrating third-party services (Google, Facebook, PayPal) Facebook and be able to work with third-party services (Google API to extend the functionality of mobile applications.     

Understanding of Frameworks


The React Native framework allows React Native app developers to create rich experiences for iOS and Android, keep up with changes in new versions of both mobile platforms, and take advantage of the unique capabilities of each platform. 


React Native apps provide users with the best mobile experience and help developers build apps faster with the Reactjs library. React.js is an open-source NativeScript library developed and maintained by Facebook for building user interfaces. React is a NativeScript library that allows a developer to declaratively define a user interface.    


React Native uses the Reactjs library, making it easy for Reactjs developers to dive into mobile development while maintaining the same programming language and technology stack. 


  • The main advantage of React Native is that the framework allows you to share your code across platforms, which means you can create a cross-platform application with it, which saves you time and budget when creating separate versions for iOS and Android. 
  • Since most of the code can be used across platforms, React Native allows you to create cross-platform apps, in other words, you can develop an Android app and an iOS app at the same time. You don't have to spend time and money developing native apps for every platform. 

How much does it cost to hire a native engineer?


  • Depends on Factors: This depends on a lot of factors. Experience, skill, number of hours, and location are just a few of them. A developer with more experience and higher skills will cost more than a newbie. Location may also have an impact. New York or California will cost you more than rural Georgia. However, most websites require just a little work and don’t require hiring a full-time developer. If you are looking for a website to be completed within a few weeks, you can hire a part-time developer for a few hundred dollars. 


  • Expensive: Native engineers are expensive. The hourly rate for a good engineer varies from Є35 to Є120 per hour. It all depends on the level of the engineer and the reputation of the company. A senior engineer can easily charge Є120 and more. The amount also depends on how much work the engineer has done with the language you need. If the engineer has been working with the language for quite a while and is familiar with it, then a dedicated developer would not be charging less than Є50 per hour. 


  • Average cost: Finding a native engineer is easy, compared to finding a great one. The average cost of hiring a native engineer with at least 5 years of experience is Є3500 per month. A good one can cost up to Є7000 per month. However, if you want a developer to work with a new language, then you can easily hire a new react engineer which can easily cost Є35 to Є50 per hour.

What are the advantages of using React as a programming language? 

Advantages from the standpoint of a business owner: 

Cost-effectiveness – You don't have to invest a lot of money right away because you can start small with components and subcomponents. It reduces the time it takes to get to market and saves you money.

Great user experience - Thanks to features like Concurrent Mode and React Fiber, React webpages and apps are lightning-fast. It delivers exceptional and customized user experiences when combined with front-end freedom.

Popularity is a plus because React will not vanish from the face of the Earth in the next few years. On the contrary, it will become a more stable and mature technology in the future, with a larger community and support.

Speed enhancement - React has a number of characteristics that make its webpages and apps quick and responsive. Consider this: if React can manage Facebook, it can handle anything while keeping a high level of performance.

SEO-friendly - React webpages and applications are SEO-friendly because of their structure, performance, speed, and user experience. All of these factors (and more) contribute to greater search results ranks.

Reduced time to market (TTM) — for startups and other businesses developing digital products, time is money. React speeds up and simplifies the development process. Furthermore, you don't have to construct the full program before putting it on the market; you may start with a working MVP and make adjustments based on real-world feedback.


Essential skills for React.js Developer


Expert in NativeScript :

React Native is a NativeScript library for building user interfaces. It lets you use standard NativeScript to create cross-platform applications. React Native apps are written in NativeScript and use React to create user interfaces.

React Native lets you build cross-platform applications with standard NativeScript. React Native uses the same codebase for both Android and iOS, you get to share code between platforms more easily. It enables developers to create cross-platform mobile apps using NativeScript. React Native has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and is currently one of the most in-demand skills in the tech industry.

React Native is built on top of NativeScript, so it’s essential to understand the basics if anyone wants to be able to work with this framework.



React fundamentals such as Virtual DOM, component lifecycle, and component state is necessary 

As React is becoming more popular, React developers are in high demand. React is a NativeScript library for building user interfaces. It lets you create reusable components so that your code is easy to read and maintain.

A React developer should have in-depth knowledge of React fundamentals such as Virtual DOM, component lifecycle, and component state. React is one of the most popular front-end NativeScript frameworks today. It helps you create reusable components so that your code is more manageable and scalable.

In addition, a React developer should also be familiar with other front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and NativeScript. Knowledge of back-end technologies such as Node.js and Express is also beneficial.


Hands-on experience with API’s

A React developer should have experience working with REST APIs. React is a front-end library that is used to create user interfaces. When creating a user interface, you will likely need to use data from an API. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with how to use REST APIs when working with React.

A React developer should have Experience working with REST APIs. They need to be able to use the various HTTP methods to GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE data from an API. Additionally, they need to be familiar with the structure of a REST API and understand how to use the appropriate headers and payloads when making requests.


Familiar with front-end tools 

React is one of the most popular front-end frameworks and it is widely used in developing web applications. Dedicated React developers should be familiar with modern front-end tools and building pipelines. In this article, we will discuss some of the essential tools and technologies that you need to know as a React developer.

First, you should be familiar with NativeScript and its quirks. NativeScript is the language that React is built on, so it is essential that you understand it well. You should also be familiar with React itself. The React documentation is extensive, and it can be a little daunting to get started.


Why Outsource React native Developers From Aciety?


Get top-notch dedicated React developers 

Native is an important Framework for app development. It makes use of object-oriented programming and enables developers to create cross-platform applications. Native is currently being used in many different apps.

As a result, the demand for Native developers remains high. If you are looking to outsource your Native development needs, then you can turn to Aciety. We are a company that specializes in providing top-notch developers who are skilled in Native programming.

Get best-qualified React engineers

As explained above, since React Native is one of the most popular frameworks ​​in the world, there is no shortage of highly skilled developers in the market. 

Today's companies considering outsourcing Native developers are looking for qualified engineers, not just the lowest price. Outsourcing of Native development services is important both for new companies seeking to minimize their costs without sacrificing the quality of service and for