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If you are interested in expanding your team, we can help to hire Azure programmers that would complement your organization.

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We guarantee a scalable web structure that exceeds your expectations. Our QA experts will ensure every aspect of your app meets our high standards when you hire a Ruby developer.

A Ruby developer is a back-end software developer. Back-end developers work on what the user does not see on their side of the screen. But this programming is an integral part of every application and plays a significant role in an application's performance and functionality. 

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We ensure the highest level of security and confidentiality for your project. Our team adheres to it carefully, keeps open communication with you, and ensures that you are informed about the progress of your project at all times.

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Aciety covering major Industries

Hire dedicated programmers from Aciety network with varied industry experience. Let's have a look at our full-stack developers' industry-specific services.

Education & E-Learning 

Web Development

We have highly experienced dedicated programmers who are skilled at providing the highest quality services to the education and e-learning industries. They offer a variety of services, including e-Learning, online & mobile applications, and web-based training.

eCommerce & Retail 

Web Development

Trust highly experienced developers who excel at building secure and scalable e-commerce and retail development solutions that meet the demands of both customers and businesses. Engage customers through customized products and offers, process transactions quickly and securely, and focus on fulfillment and customer service.


Web Development

Aciety has the top Ruby on Rails experts who deliver the best services to the healthcare industry. They can deliver better health team collaboration, and improve clinical informatics and operational insights—with trusted programming language capabilities.

Finance & Banking

Web Development

Employ dedicated Ruby developers who are constantly available to provide banking and finance services such as transforming your company with speed and security. Offer differentiated customer experiences, enhance risk management, and fight fraud.

Tourism and travel

Web Development

Dedicated Ruby developers are always available to provide outstanding support to your travel and tourist business, including technical advice, speed, security, and custom needs. 

Entertainment & Media

Web Development H3

At Aciety network, you can hire Ruby dedicated developers who are dynamic and skillful at developing innovative and secure media and entertainment services. Dedicated coders ready to provide them services to business owners and creators with an Ruby on Rails programming language. 

Transportation & Logistics 

Web Development

We work with qualified Ruby dedicated developers who can assist with the right set-up for you in managing, tracking, and monitoring systems which is connecting vehicles, freight, and other assets in real-time—both locally and globally. 

Independent Software Vendors

Web Development

We offer a diverse team of Ruby developers who can best assist ISVs and product companies with Ruby on Rails services. 


Marketing & Advertising

Web Development

Collaborate with Ruby developers to ensure that the publishing and advertising businesses receive the finest services possible. Start engaging customers with your digital marketing solution today.


Hire 3,500+ Skilled Ruby Developers from Aciety (a network of over 1,600 software companies)

How to Hire Ruby Programmers?

Ruby is a very flexible programming language that allows developers to alter how the language itself works. You can add functionality to core language features or even remove them if you need. Ruby is also a highly portable, cross-platform language. Code you write on one operating system will run on Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows, and it will even run in UNIX, DOS, BeOS, OS/2, and more.

With Aciety network, you will get the best Ruby Programmers by doing only these simple steps. There are some steps to view before hiring a Ruby Programmer:

Step 1: Collect your project requirements

Step 2: Choose an engagement model 

Step 3: Choose a pricing model 

Step 4: The shortlist of candidates (In-house or Remote)

Step 5: Sign the contract

Collect your project requirements

You have first to make a project requirement list which you want to be done by programmers. Then put all the requirements in the description box, and then we will show you the best and top-class developers who are most suitable for your work and have a good and relevant experience for your work.

Choose engagement model

Our team members will show you the list of the programmers, and then there will be a long list based on the specific customization like time, budget, delivery time, etc. We provide you with the qualities of remote programmers who will help you with the most appropriate engagement strategy. It shows that our clients always get the highly skilled and most dedicated developers, and all the requirements are met within a specific timeframe.

Let's choose a pricing model

After that, you will get a list of programmers with different prices that are most suitable for your work. You have to choose the price model or the budget you can spend to narrow the convenient and most suitable developers further. You will get the final list of the developer, who is finalized according to your work and price model. 

The shortlist of candidates (In-house or Remote)

If you know the specifications and technical requirements you want from the developer, then candidates must be accessible. You can also shortlist some developers, and then you make the final list and go with the best and most reasonable developer who is ready to do work for you at your given prices and the delivery time. 

What are the prices for the Ruby Programmers?

Every Ruby Programmer has different prices because it depends on the developer's experience, place, etc. They can charge between € 70 and € 150 per hour. 

Outsourcing the programmers from us becomes more convenient and suitable than hiring someone because you have to give us only the amount we charge you for the work. In the other case of hiring, you have to set the person monthly, which is very costly.

Essential skills for Ruby Programmers 


Ruby is a high-level programming language, versatile in its uses and tools. It might use to design either programs or software which can be applied and used on several devices, other programs, and platforms.


Here's how javascript is used on ruby on rails developer resumes:

  • Designed and implemented front end and back end using technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Developed dynamic emails using JavaScript, DOM, and hand-coding of HTML, XHTML, and CSS.
  • Used Foundation, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX to produce responsive, front-end designs.


Here's how git is used on ruby on rails developer resumes:

  • Code Management with Git repository system.
  • Maintain GIT repository, day-to-day updates, and develop Capistrano scripts to push code automatically onto production servers.
  • Used scaffolding statements to generate Controllers and Views and create tables using Terminal, Git Bash.

Web Services

A web service is software available on the internet and uses a specific messaging system. A web service is a kind of service that is not bound to any particular programming language or operating system. Web services support every device to communicate over the world wide web.


Here's how CSS is used on ruby on rails developer resumes:

  • Used JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to manipulate, validate, and customize error messages to the User Interface.
  • Included front-end designs using HTML, CSS, SASS, and Bourbon to compliment the back end on rails projects.
  • Employed Test-Driven Development (TDD), AJAX functionality, and Foundation front end with custom CSS.


HTML or HyperText Markup Language can be defined as the standard language for developing web pages. It is a formatting system that describes the layout of the web pages. Over the years, HTML has undergone many changes, but HTML is the foundational language for every web page.

The Advantages of Hiring Ruby Developers 


The Ruby on Rails framework is 100% free and runs on Linux, which is an open-source framework. It’s also easy to work with from a developer’s perspective. There are tons of gems(plugins) available, so it can save plenty of developer time and effort which can be a great benefit of ruby. It’s easy to create and maintain the website without spending more money ensuring greater quality, performance, or scalability of your site.

Easy to manage changes

Ruby on Rails makes it easy to modify the existing code or add new features to the site. After site launch, future modifications to your site (e.g. making any remarkable changes to the data model) is easy and quick to perform. This framework is most effective for long-term projects due to its stability and predictability.


Some security measures are built within the framework and enabled by default. Using Ruby on Rails also means following the secure development lifecycle, which may be a complicated security assurance method.


For applications with lots of computation or data handling, Rails could slow the application down. If this is often happening in your application, have a fresh set of eyes and take a glance at code optimization — this will greatly improve performance outcomes. Probably there are particular parts of the codebase that are performing slowly, and therefore the tooling and shared experiences that go along with the Rails community go a long way to support a team addressing performance issues.


Web applications use frontend and backend capabilities of Rails; these are simpler and easier to create, but the application needs to communicate with the server to load the webpage and can lack immediate responsiveness to a user’s taps and selections as a result. Single-page web applications can be more complex to create but may allow for more involved user interfaces and provide instant responses to user’s actions by only loading portions of the website as needed.


Ruby is a concise language, when combined with 3rd party libraries, allows you to develop features incredibly fast. It is one of the most productive programming languages around.


Developers follow standardized file storage and programming conventions that keep a project structured and readable. Additionally saves lots of time.

A large repository of free plugins

The abundance of free plugins, referred to as gems, is another RoR advantage. In operating with RoR, you can customize your website for any business need – for example, create your own exclusive social network or introduce advanced e-commerce services with a high degree of user data protection.

Built on Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture:

In this architecture, a web application has three interconnected layers. The model houses codes that work on the application data. It centralizes the business logic of the application and the rules to manipu