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The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to physical objects – vehicles, household appliances, wearables, and much more – connected to the Internet and can transfer data online using embedded sensors. 

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Hire dedicated programmers from Aciety network with varied industry experience. Let's have a look at our full-stack developers' industry-specific services.

Education & E-Learning 

Web Development

We have highly experienced dedicated programmers who are skilled at providing the highest quality services to the education and e-learning industries. They offer a variety of services, including e-Learning, online & mobile applications, and web-based training.

eCommerce & Retail 

Web Development

Trust highly experienced developers who excel at building secure and scalable e-commerce and retail development solutions that meet the demands of both customers and businesses. Engage customers through customized products and offers, process transactions quickly and securely, and focus on fulfillment and customer service.


Web Development

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Finance & Banking

Web Development

Employ dedicated IoT developers who are constantly available to provide banking and finance services such as transforming your company with speed and security. Offer differentiated customer experiences, enhance risk management, and fight fraud.

Tourism and travel

Web Development

Dedicated IoT developers are always available to provide outstanding support to your travel and tourist business, including technical advice, speed, security, and custom needs. 

Entertainment & Media

Web Development

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Transportation  & Logistics 

Web Development

We work with qualified IoT dedicated developers who can assist with the right set-up for you in managing, tracking, and monitoring systems which are connecting vehicles, freight, and other assets in real-time—both locally and globally. 

Independent Software Vendors

Web Development

We offer a diverse team of IoT developers who can best assist ISVs and product companies with programming services. 


Marketing & Advertising

Web Development

Collaborate with IoT developers to ensure that the publishing and advertising businesses receive the finest services possible. Start engaging customers with your digital marketing solution today.

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What programming language is IoT?

People worldwide use the Internet to access information, communicate with one another, or do business. But it's not just people who connect to the Internet – numerous products and machines do the same.

IoT is an ever-growing network where all of these devices and products communicate, creating a web of smart devices. 

One of the Internet of Things' goals is to make everyday life and work easier through automatic processes without human intervention. In contrast to computers, once they are in operation, they no longer require any control or input from users. IoT is also being increasingly used by companies worldwide due to its efficiency.

A specialist in connected objects, an IoT engineer develops innovative services that help users receive, control, and manage information. They are also in charge of creating and managing a vast array of IoT devices, platforms, software, hardware, and systems through data, technology, and research.

How to Hire IoT Engineers?

The popularity and irreplaceability of the language lead to a massive demand for professional IoT Engineers. Thus, if you want to hire an IoT Engineer, know that you are not the only one. Hiring an IoT expert has evolved more challenging in the present situation of the overheated IT employment market. 

We're still here to support those who desire to bring the high road and hire IoT engineers on their own. Hiring a developer on your own is a highly focused and hands-on process that needs extensive general knowledge of software development.

At Aciety network skilled IoT Engineers deliver brightly created via the use of IoT complete stuff. Connect with dedicated IoT Engineers, and you will welcome profiles from some of the most helpful front-end developers around the world. They fit your company's needs according to the designation. Choose the best IoT Engineers for your project from any part of the world and enjoy seamless and advanced IoT Engineers.

There are several steps to consider before hiring IoT engineers:

Step 1: Collect your project requirements

Step 2: Choose an engagement model 

Step 3: Choose a pricing model 

Step 4: The shortlist of candidates 

Step 5: Sign the contract

Collect your project requirements

Collecting necessities for a task is vital for the project's requirement. So here, you would have to put the detailed project description including all the needs that would help auto-evaluate developers based on their skills, experience, the scope of work, and knowledge in every aspect. Exact written project specifications would be very much helpful.

Collect project requirements by taking care of long-term and short-term future goals. You can start to look for dedicated developers with a defined description of the project.

Choose engagement model

At Aciety platform the engagement model is entrenched upon specific customization - the timetable, budget, and deliverables. We provide virtual engineers (Off-Site); this is the perfect engagement strategy for each customer. It facilitates that our clients get highly skilled, dedicated, and efficient developers and that all of their requirements are completed within a brief period.

Let's choose a pricing model

To hire our dedicated IoT Engineers, we have a team of pricing models that ensure that our clients have a clean and transparent agreement with dedicated programmers worldwide and with us.

The shortlist of candidates

If you know the specifications and technical requirements you want from the developer, candidates must be accessible to provide you the same as soon as possible. 

Technical experience:

Some questions are genuinely asked. Is the candidate experienced in the case of IoT Engineers? Are they entirely with the IoT libraries and dependencies required for a particular project? Hands-on experience working with the IoT structure, the latest version, and experience relevant to the project (web, local, and mobile apps) makes it a better option for recruiting candidates. So recruit them as per the needs.

  • Project management:

In addition, the work should be managed appropriately and should be perfectly built-in quality, and the role of establishing your priorities should also be considered.

  • Expertise and portfolio background-

It is always advised to look into a person's background with whom you will work, assign some test tasks to him, and then take further actions. To learn more details about the authenticity of the profile of a programmer, ask for customer testimonials and feedback about any of their specific expertise in which he already has worked earlier.

How much does it cost to hire IoT Engineers?

IoT Engineers have different hourly rates each specialist charges as other persons charge differently according to their specifications. They can charge between € 50 and € 75 per hour. The fees also may vary according to the developers' experience, location, skillset, and the type of IoT Engineers services for which they are employed for a particular project.

Essential skills for Advantages of IoT Engineers

JavaScript and Python

The use of IoT-specific programming languages like JavaScript and Python can give the impression that a developer is well-versed in the field.

JavaScript is a widely used web-based scripting language that aids developers in scaling and safeguarding systems on the backend since Python allows programmers to build and execute error-free code.

Knowledge about How Sensors Work

In almost every IoT application, sensors are involved in some way. These sensors exchange data in real-time as these devices are connected to the network. IoT engineers must have an in-depth understanding of how sensors work and also how to integrate them with the system infrastructure. Knowledge about sensors is the most in-demand skill required to become an IoT Engineer.

UI-Centric Approach

One of the crucial elements in any infrastructure design is the user experience. The user interface must be developed to offer front-end control for all the operations in the backend. 

It also should provide for interactions between one or more devices. It should be designed so that any person apart from the IoT engineer should easily be able to navigate and trigger even the most complex operations easily.

Node.js Development

Node.js is the most widely used and preferred for building IoT applications. IoT engineers should be skilled in working with open source environments. These environments use server-side web development to manage connective devices such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Mobile Hardware Environment

Hardware is the core of an IoT embedded system. IoT engineers need to possess in-depth knowledge about the hardware components to use and what goes where, and so on.

Cloud Computing

Data storage is one of the significant problems that IoT engineers face. As mentioned previously, devices generate vast amounts of data in real-time. A simple and effective way to overcome this challenge is cloud computing. Since all devices are connected to a network, cloud computing helps host the excess data that the machine has generated.

GPS Systems

GPS systems have seen a massive increase in demand since IoT(skills) tech has been widely developed. Many applications of IoT provide for the development of location-aware devices.

The Advantages of Hiring Advantages of IoT Engineers

Lower operating costs

A fleet of IoT devices can be cost-effective because it helps businesses optimize their workflows and lower operating costs by providing real-time information. Devices can proactively advise their status so staff can schedule the maintenance before it affects production. They can be integrated into larger systems to optimize operational efficiency and help reduce costs. For example, intelligent building systems can track, monitor, and control HVAC systems to monitor building usage and adjust them to take advantage of lower time-of-use costs, saving money.

Increased productivity and workplace safety

IoT devices can manage, monitor, and alert staff of changes in processes or productivity, helping them make