Finding a technical partner that is willing to work on a solution made by another team of developers can prove to be difficult. Even more so, when the company seeking a said partner is a small team of people whose background in IT is somewhat limited.

The Aciety team received such a request right at the start of lockdown earlier this year. We were tasked to help our client during an unprecedented time. Live meetings were no longer possible, clients were more careful with their plans and project launches. This was a whole new challenge for our team. So, how did we do?

The story

The company behind the Forest Information System (FIS) was introduced to Aciety via our lead exchange system. Their current technical partner that provided them with all technical and software support was going through some restructuring. As the FIS was a growing project, being left without constant IT support was out of the question.

FIS is a web-based application for foresters and specialists working with forest management projects. Prepared with all current legal requirements in mind, it allows all specialists to work with any required data remotely. At this point, the FIS had features such as status updates on selected quadrants of a forest, reforestation planning, wood resource prediction. With many more on the way, they needed a partner that could not only maintain the technical side of things but one with a similar mindset of agritech innovations.

The Project

After a couple of interviews with Vytautas, the representative for FIS, we had our work set out for us. The requirements were clear — find a company that can maintain the website and servers, implement fixes, and work on any further upgrades. Some of these were already planned — an additional, separate workspace for economists, GIS implementation, etc. Our client also requested the company to be local, for ease of communication and meetings, if they would be required. Besides all the points above, FIS had a deadline for a full technical takeover from their prior suppliers, so time was of the essence.

The Solution

We got back to Vytautas and FIS within a week, with offers from three highly competent and capable companies. He went through the tender and decided to have an interview with Xplicity and their representative Alina. FIS was so content with what Xplicity had to offer, they decided to start negotiations as soon as possible. Alina and her team are not only experienced in the tech stack required to maintain the Forest Information System. Their whole company is highly focused on AgriTech and digitalizing “green” processes. Now, 4 months after negotiations finished, FIS and Xplicity have a thriving, growing partnership.

The Experience

Vytautas is currently working full time on the expansion of FIS and is very satisfied with the quality of service provided by Xplicity. On our last follow up call, he told us that “the developers in Xplicity not only do the required maintenance but also offer ways to make the system work better and faster”. He is looking forward to expanding the partnership and working on more functionalities for FIS.

Alina is also very satisfied with the budding partnership between the two companies. Here’s what she had to say: “Being an AgriTech focused company we discovered that Vytautas‘ vision is very close to ours. Besides, his advanced ideas continuously improve and facilitate forest evaluation processes for industry professionals. Currently, Xplicity is taking care of the Forest Information System maintenance and keeps developing new functionalities. Although for now, this tech stack is sufficient to keep the platform running smoothly, new big features are on the way.”

Have you found your trusted software partner yet?