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Aciety Lead Exchange

Get lead back for each irrelevant one you send to Aciety

Some of Exchange Participants


Value For You

Get relevant leads

We send relevant lead back in over 90% of cases.

Get paid for irrelevant leads

If we do not send a relevant lead in 3 months, we split commission 50/50 with you.

Keep control of your reputation

Send leads with or without recommending Aciety (examples below).

Lead Exchange in Numbers

35k EUR on average

5-500k EUR fixed budget & 50-250k EUR hourly projects.

230k EUR biggest to date

The biggest project sent via Lead Exchange is 230k EUR / year (4 .NET mids/seniors, long-term).

Lead back in 95+% cases

In the last 12 months we’ve sent matching clients back to 95% of active suppliers.

How it Works

Reply to irrelevant request

Just reply to the irrelevant request with recommendation or without recommendation, cc [email protected] and bcc [email protected]

Get a lead back

That’s it! You are automatically registered as an active partner and will get a relevant lead back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Any potential client that expresses interest in buying software services from you, but you cannot or do not want to service him - is irrelevant. Usually clients are irrelevant if their request does not match your pricing, skillset, availability, or (expected) client quality. You can send such client to Aciety in most cases and get one back in exchange.
Almost any leads are ok. We are doing a separate due diligence to determine viability of the client, project and budget estimates before linking him to suppliers. The main requirement is that a client is in contact with you and you connect us directly to him (over email). Note. We generally do not process 'freelance' type of projects (i.e. anything smaller than 1000EUR).
Many providers, when starting cooperation with Aciety, disclose their natural concern over their reputation if sending the lead to Aciety. You can pass the lead without recommendation, which explicitly tells that you are new to the network and cannot recommend it, yet. As we successfully deliver at close to 100% in projects won, in reality there is nothing to be afraid of. Eventually, most partners end up using the email with recommendation, as it produces higher overall conversion.
There are two options:
a) sub-contract to Aciety and manage the client yourself (i.e. rent developers from one of our partners);
b) simply pass the client to us, but mention about such potential. We will match the client to partners, who do not provide services that you do and hence when client returns - you won’t need to compete with them.
We provide lead back in around 90% of cases. Some exceptions apply:
a) if the lead is of very low quality (example price research without intent to order), we’ll inform you that lead was not counted as valid;
b) if you provide a niched service, we may not necessarily have sufficient stream of projects back for you. In such cases, we simply split the commission 50/50 from leads that you send us.
Absolutely not. We work both with small and big (1000+ developers) partners, some of whom have substantial budgets, or overall good reputation / sales personnel. All such suppliers send good leads on average and expect similarly good leads back. Leads sent through Aciety Lead Exchange do not differ much in their metrics (length, win rate, budget, pricing, etc.) from the requests we and our partners receive using other means.
Yes. You can stack couple small (ex. 4 x 5 000 EUR) for bigger (ex. 1 x 20 000 EUR). Just inform us about such preference, so that we wouldn’t send you the small ones back.
Yes. Just inform us about such preference and we’ll split commission earnings for projects won rather than send relevant leads back.
First come first serve basis. The commission (or lead back) is counted only for the first one who sent the lead.
Yes. If you send the lead and are busy in the next 3 months, you can request to prolong the time. We’ll send you the lead back later, when you have sufficient availability.

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