The market demand for software development teams is growing considerably. With the shortage of supply and ever-growing demand, clients look towards outsourcing to try and reduce the cost of their projects. The balance between quality and cost is important, however, when it comes to hiring third party developers, it seems the cost is the driving force behind the final decision.

The perils of price over quality

There are many possible negative consequences of hiring cheap developers. First of all, of course, is the quality of the code. Oftentimes the company that chooses the cheapest developer pays for the code twice: for the code and for the quality assessment and fixing of the code. This happens more often than one would expect, and not only in small companies.

One of the recent and tragic examples of choosing price over quality (and quality testing) of software is the Boeing’s 737 Max recall. Just a year prior to the several fatal 737 Max crashes, Boeing fired many experienced developers and hired third-party, 9$/hr developers. This leads to sub-par quality testing, which leads to avoidable mistakes in the code and several tragedies.