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Category: Outsharing

What is THE REAL COST of hiring cheap developers?
2 minutes read
The market demand for software development teams is growing considerably. With the shortage of supply and ever-growing demand, clients look towards outsourcing to try and reduce the cost of their projects. The balance between quality and cost is important, however, when it comes to hiring third party developers, it seems the cost is the driving force behind the final decision.
Lithuania shifts from IT Outsourcing to IT Outsharing
2 minutes, 46 seconds read
IT Development has been a hot topic for a while. Lithuania has built its reputation as a reliable IT outsourcing destination. Many businesses and organizations has sought for talent in this region.
11 Street-Smart Suggestions in Evaluating Your Potential Software Development Partner
6 minutes, 10 seconds read
Let’s face it – choosing software development partner is a business marriage. This strategic decision will impact the quality of your product, UX, sales, duration of development, costs and in extreme scenarios – the whole viability of your project.
Time Proven Communication Tips to Make Your Remote Team United
3 minutes, 28 seconds read
It’s commonly acknowledged that communication is one of the greatest challenges for the distributed teams. At the same time, it builds opportunities for the experienced managers to sand out and actually show that solid projects can be built using distant talent.


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