Sales automation software has become a sought-after solution among businesses of all industries and sizes. Sales and Marketing teams are realizing significant advantages thanks to cutting-edge systems that can shorten the sales cycle and automate redundant or menial processes that save precious time and capital resources.

Leading the pack in automation technologies are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Yet some businesses may be hesitant to invest in Marketing automation like AI and ML, either because such tools seem too far out or the workforce is afraid of being replaced.

Far from creating an entirely robotic sales force, though, AI and ML can empower your Sales and Marketing staff to achieve more. Beyond the efficiency boost that these tools provide, perhaps the biggest benefit of sales automation is a more knowledgeable sales force. All that time spent organizing CRM data, chasing content, or otherwise not selling can instead be put toward more important customer-facing activities. So, here are some of the ways AI is helping to streamline the work of marketing and sales teams.

Streamline data analysis

Companies have an almost endless amount of customer data available. This data needs to be analyzed, cleaned up, sorted through, questioned, and leveraged. This can all be done by AI. In this Harvard Business Review article, it is detailed how AI was able to go through thousands of client leads, separate the useful ones from those which aren’t as valuable, and reach out to the clients.

Business intelligence

The very act of completing business intelligence tasks lends itself immediately to AI. The technology can be used to analyze data and to provide actionable information to help those at the top make better decisions for the whole company.

Eliminating manual tasks

Eliminating manual work isn’t just about cutting out tasks that marketers dislike. It’s about helping them make their work more efficient. With AI and ML. marketers and sales personnel can truly work smarter, not harder. AI marketing can dig deeper into data than an employee ever could for increased insights and visibility. This allows marketers and sales personnel to focus on creating strategies and campaigns which will resonate with their audience.

Enhancing search

Search is essential at every stage of the sales funnel. And search engines are becoming increasingly intelligent in knowing what the intent is behind every search. These changes in search are an ideal opportunity for AI to use the information to ensure clients, current and prospective, see your business’ ads and on the search engine results pages.

Organizations that want to invest in artificial intelligence or machine learning can think of Sales automation as part of the larger concept of Sales enablement. The goal of Sales enablement is to ensure reps are continuously provided with the resources and means to sell more efficiently and effectively. Salesforce automation software empowers staff by giving them tools that considerably reduce the time they spend on housekeeping tasks. This allows them to dedicate their talents toward refining and personalizing the selling experience, which Sales automation can help with, as well.

It seems like it is no longer a question of when to invest in AI and ML, but how. Sales-heavy companies looking to improve and enhance their sales and marketing should start looking for a Sales automation platform that can deliver all the expected benefits.