We are excited to enter the last month of the year with new services as well as important updates on the existing ones.


All the Aciety Platform Users will now have the opportunity to enjoy:

  1. Quality provider Badge
  2. Lead Exchange Credits
  3. Premium positioning in Client offers
  4. Aciety software coupon - TAP


Aciety Client will now be able to buy:

  1. Aciety Software coupon - TAP


What is Aciety Badge+?


Aciety ranks performance of thousands of software development companies in Europe. Your company was nominated in [X] categories. Aciety selects up to top 10 companies in each of a total of 100 categories in a given year.


This option is only available for eligible companies


What are Lead Exchange Credits?


ALES is a composite value of company’s performance in Aciety. Its main determinants are: a) how successful the company performs in client requests (leads); and b) their use of Aciety Lead Exchange.  


Thus, companies that do not participate in Lead Exchange, can pay to keep their ALES positive


What is Aciety Premium Positions?


In each client project, Aciety first uses its search to narrow to top 10 companies to request their offers and then selects up to 5 based on their current availability and competitiveness in particular case.


What is TAP?


TAP is a software coupon that has its value based on the total amount of products available in the Aciety Product Marketplace. Each new product that signs TAP coupon agreement increases overall obligations from product companies and hence - value for each TAP. It allows Aciety customers to buy TAP when its price is lower and spend it on software later - the change in value is their effective discount on software spending.