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NFT Developers: How can they help make money in the digital world?
3 minutes, 49 seconds read
The phenomenal rise of cryptocurrency brings with it an era of previously unimaginable possibilities. NFTs is known as “Non-Fungible Tokens” are also among the most popular assets that have emerged lately at the zenith of technology. In this article, we explore what NFT is, how it is made, how it is bought, and the NFT marketplace.
9 tips for better communication with outsourced development teams
3 minutes, 47 seconds read
When thinking of client-developer relationships that are mutually beneficial, a few things come to mind: understanding, trust, and cooperation. Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate these principles (and manage outsourcing) more practically.
4 Tips for Meeting Tough Deadlines when Outsourcing Projects
2 minutes, 46 seconds read
It happens in every line of work. You have a large project, or a client has a great demand for something, so you cannot deliver on time. Sure, when you say a day or two won’t make a huge difference, it doesn’t sound too bad, but sometimes things are more serious.
Ideal Team Size
6 minutes, 25 seconds read
This is a guest post by a member of the Aciety network – AnvilEight. They are a truly progressive and agile software development house, having clients around the globe and their own views based on the actual experience. Here is what the CEO Andrey Zarubin says.
11 Street-Smart Suggestions in Evaluating Your Potential Software Development Partner
6 minutes, 10 seconds read
Let’s face it – choosing software development partner is a business marriage. This strategic decision will impact the quality of your product, UX, sales, duration of development, costs and in extreme scenarios – the whole viability of your project.
Stay naked! 6 Tips to Super-boost Your Remote Team
3 minutes, 44 seconds read
Many successful companies strive for talented and competent employees. In order to increase the capabilities some of them go for remote teams. However, it’s commonly acknowledged that managing dedicated virtual teams is harder. Here are the 6 tips to really help you to manage dedicated remote teams better and reap the great benefits of what they offer.
Use Kanban Instead of Tradition Management
2 minutes, 48 seconds read
The current tech product development madness as well as competition have raised the project management standards high. The customers become almost spoilt (from the positive side) about the quality of tech tools they use. These trends set new pressures for product teams not only to develop superior products, but also build them in the most efficient manner. That’s why managerial practices become relevant and directly related to the outcome of the development team.
Time Proven Communication Tips to Make Your Remote Team United
3 minutes, 28 seconds read
It’s commonly acknowledged that communication is one of the greatest challenges for the distributed teams. At the same time, it builds opportunities for the experienced managers to sand out and actually show that solid projects can be built using distant talent.


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