We are living in a digitized world, where a smartphone accidentally forgotten and left at home could cause a lot of problems. Imagine that you are walking down the street and you want to check your phone, you search for it in your pocket, but... It’s not there! You forgot it.

Now what? How to check the time? What day is it? It’s not a big problem if you have a watch on your wrist. It’s even better if it’s a smart-watch. But having a smart-phone, or a smart-watch is definitely more convenient than carrying a newspaper.

Smart-phones and applications changed the process of how we work, interact, entertain, travel. Today, we have apps to assist us in every way possible.

What are Intelligent Apps?

Intelligent Apps (I-Apps) are applications that use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, and both real-time and historical data in order to provide suggestions and make predictions that would give users a highly personalized and adaptive experience.

Intelligent Apps use AI-controlled calculations to separate among applicable and unessential data. Mindful of the necessities of users, these applications convey logical and important data and warn the users about forthcoming issues before they even emerge.By making good use of this great feature, companies can make real-time changes to their services to improve their market position.

Applications of Intelligent Apps

Intelligent Apps use the data to respond to changing circumstances and formulate opportune results. Large industries use Intelligent Applications that collect and process data from a variety of and provide sources real-time experiences.

Some sectors where intelligent applications are used:

Media. Today’s media has moved from traditional broadcasting and cable television to real-time streaming. Self-learning, self-monitoring and interacting individually, Intelligent Apps have enabled a completely different aspect of media viewing in recent years.

Finance. Financial institutions are expected to replace services with advanced technology. Smart apps have helped these institutions improve their efficiency, and consumers can better understand and manage their finances through Intelligent Apps.

Business. Intelligent Apps can increase operational excellence in the B2B as well as B2C sectors. Because Intelligent Apps provide highly personalized and contextual information, employees can quickly filter and simplify information on the basis of their needs.

Energy. Electricity companies and other energy companies are actively looking for effective ways to reduce the imbalance between supply and demand through the use of renewable energy sources for electricity generation.

Advantages of Intelligent Apps

Study user context and preferences.

Able to make contextual predictions by studying our choices and behaviors.

Proactively respond to users.

As Intelligent Apps are fairly fast in nature, they respond to users in a fraction of a second. They do not wait for consumers to take action because they are able to act on their behalf.

Make AI based decisions.

Intelligent Apps have the intelligence to distinguish between important and irrelevant information. They remove irrelevant information and use only important information to make smart decisions.

Automate multiple tasks.

Intelligent Apps automate many of the tasks you want to perform.Even these types of programs are flexible enough to execute commands on other programs and services.

Acts like your personal assistant.

Intelligent Apps act as your personal assistant at the right time and without notice, saving you a lot of your precious time and effort.

Intelligent Apps Examples

Let's look at some examples of the best and most popular intelligent apps:

Elsa. English language speech assistant designed to improve your English-speaking skills.

Download: Android and iOS

Ada. AI-powered healthcare app created to help everyone live a healthier life.

Download: Android and iOS

Hound. Voice assistant helping users find what you’re looking for, using their natural voice.

Download: Android and iOS

Cortana. Microsoft's personal digital assistant to help users get things done smartly.

Download: Get it onAndroid and iOS

We are on the verge of a new direction for technology and industry. Some are even calling it the third industrial revolution. Whether it’s true or not, AI is being used more often and is here to stay. If being ahead in your industry is something you want your company to achieve, you must think on how to advance, manage and engage your target audiences in a new, more efficient way. An Intelligent App is one of the major steps that companies should add to their “to-do list” not decades in the future, but within a year or a few. We encourage you tocontact us and see how you can get in front of the pack and be on the frontier.