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Who Uses Aciety Companies’ Products?

& many more – from Startups and SMBs to Enterprises

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Value in Joining

Service Synergy

Aciety helps 2000+ custom development companies see when there is already a solution for their client case. Your product can be that solution.

Product Bundles

Aciety helps products partner with complimentary (value adding) solutions. Your product can be that solution.

Success Based

Enlisting is free. Aciety uses 10% success fee, or 0% when TAP coupon is used for payments.

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Product Bundles

Often 2+ products have the same client group that benefits from them, but reach them with separate marketing budgets.

If these products are complementary to each other (i.e. solve different client problems), we connect them to a Bundle. Once a client reaches one product, the other will be sold together when possible, producing added value without incurring marketing costs. TAP is usually used in the process to pay for licenses between the producers.

Bundled sales marketing costs are by design lower, thus producers naturally flow to Aciety Ecosystem. (80+ products on-board already).

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Service Synergy

Aciety unites 2000+ software service companies. In matchmaking we first see if the client can use a product and only if not - rely on custom development. We help our service companies do the same, which helps them:

Win more due to increased competitiveness;

Grow hourly rates, as product based projects require much less custom work for similar results;

Re-using code is cheaper, thus an increasing number of our companies are adopting this model.

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On-boarding Process

1. Company Profile

Register and make sure to create an up to date company profile. This will become the basis on determining your overall fit to our clientele.

2. Product Profile

Upload your product(s) information. This will become the basis in analyzing which channels your product can be sold in.

3. Signing Agreement

We will have a call to discuss priority channels for your product. Once done, we’ll sign the Cooperation Agreement.

4. Sales Channels

Depending on set priorities we will start introducing your product to Bundles with other products and/or to be used by our service companies.

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Contact us

We’re here to help! To get a response from us, just fill out the form below with all the relevant details and we will get back to you within 24-36 working hours.


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