Matching horns to
your unicorns current and future

We match your tech needs with the best
European software development teams available for long-term rent.

Unicorns come to Aciety at different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s one special developer you are looking for,
a team that could scale, or a software project that simply needs done - Aciety provides the match.

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Riskless pilot that transfers knowledge

If you're not sure, whether you want to work with a provided company longterm, Aciety offers you to create a 3-6 month long pilot project together. Such pilot not only creates valuable results for you, but can also be a great starting point for a lasting partnership.

Take care of your backlog

The perfect match with dedicated developers will help you to eliminate growing backlog that your company faces. This will allow you to keep the pace of product development for better efficiency and productivity.

Fill the competencies gap

Aciety matches you with developers that suit your company's needs best. Easily add skilled developers to your team and quickly fill the competencies gap where your company is lacking.

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Let's work together!

We match your tech needs with the best European software development teams available for long-term rent.

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Intro & Consultation

Exploring unicorn companies reveals insights into their strategies and challenges. By studying their success factors, market trends, and competition, we can predict how they'll navigate growth and changes. It's a captivating glimpse into the dynamic business landscape.


We equip unicorns to triumph over IT bottlenecks, facilitating smooth business scalability.


We create the initial pilot case for clients, guiding them towards progress in their development journey.


We carefully select 3-5 providers, out of thousands, who are the best fit for the client's case, ensuring effective collaboration on the pilot project.

Relationship management

We manage the initial communication and facilitate mutual understanding between both parties by offering consultations and continuous support throughout the project.


We offer analysis and recommendations while the client directly engages with the 3-5 companies, ultimately selecting the winning provider.


The Aciety funnel approach is a pathway to success, resulting in a 95% rate of deliveries that meet or exceed expectations.

Relationship Management as Core of the Matchmaking Process

Here in Aciety, we consider ourselves relationship managers for several reasons. It often happens that service providers are the most competitive and the best fit for a client. However, due to the lack of proper wording and reasonable explanations they lose the project against someone potentially worse but better at initial communication.

That is why Aciety not only matches clients with 5 best options, but also handles the initial communication and assists both parties in understanding each other better and making the right choice.

Our team helps our clients and developers to see eye to eye and, in the end, form a successful partnership. In Aciety we believe that it is not enough to be the best, you also have to know how to properly convey that. And communication is exactly what we help with.

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Aciety briefly

  • B2B IT Development & Software Products Platform
  • Aciety = Abundant Society
  • Services - 2000+ European companies (100000+ developers), to build custom solutions
  • Products - 5000+ software products to use in cloud or your infrastructure

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