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Aciety is a great alternative to both employment commitments and the unreliability of freelancers. Choosing to only hire means that 100,000+ developers who are happilly working in Aciety companies, are mostly un-considered for your needs. These thousands of developers may be as good and dedicated or even a better match for you.

Google is full of 'Dedicated Teams'

However, Aciety matches you with professional IT teams that are already working in other tech companies and have the necessary infrastructure for smooth work; thus, our dedicated teams are truly dedicated.

We do the hard work, so you don't have to

Aciety learns about your needs and requirements, scans the whole network to find a suitable match and, finally, provides you with a short list of candidates to choose from. So, skip searching the entire market because we will do that for you!

No freelancers

We know that freelancers can be unreliable, and their hiring process is often risky and does not bring satisfying results. That is why Aciety only matches you with dedicated IT teams available for long-term rent.


Intro & Consultation

We organize a call to better understand client needs and shape possible options.

Software vs Service

We help to determine whether you need a development partner or specific developers from our companies.


We match client with 3-5 providers who best fit the case (out of thousands).

Relationship management

We handle the initial communication and assist both parties in understanding each other better by providing consultations and support during the whole project.


We provide analysis and recommendations, client directly communicates with the 3-5 companies and chooses the winner.


Aciety funnel approach leads to success. 95% of deliveries are at or above expectations..

Great CV alone does not guarantee
successful relationship

Aciety approves 23% of service providers from Europe to join its ranks with their developers.

Those we approve have a few things in common:

Their developers look for meaningful, up to few year relationships (with companies like yours), full time dedication and opportunity to move on once the time comes; while

The service provider concentrates on scaling the team for you when necessary, providing devs the learning environment; and

Ensuring the overall knowledge transfer and accumulation to and within your organization.

We look for fitting type of devs, cultural match and experience - that becomes the recipe for lasting and successful relationships in software development.

Aciety briefly

B2B IT Development & Software Products Platform

Aciety = Abundant Society

Services - 2000+ European companies (100000+ developers), to build custom solutions

Products - 5000+ software products to use in cloud or your infrastructure

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