Aciety is a team of

Relationship managers for unicorns current and future and software developers

Through experience and dedication, we match your software development needs
with the best competency-specific IT talent available in the European market for long-term development.

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Philosophy of Aciety

In Aciety we believe that recognized, accounted and fairly compensated collaboration is one the easiest paths towards doing more with less effort and resources.

Doing more with less leads to higher value creation.

Fairly distributing this added value between Aciety and our community enables us to grow as a platform, provide good opportunities to our service providers and save both time and money to companies who need their development problems solved.

In short, collaborative action is path to abundancy and we employ collaboration with multiplier effects where applicable to create such abundancy.

Aciety Team

Over the last 10 years we have seen and participated in thousands of client - service provider interviews and projects. We’ve observed what helps and especially - what prevents software service providers and their developers from winning the sympathies of potential client, even though they might be the most competitive ones.

Aciety has built its team of business developers and project consultants, who essentially become relationship managers - not only matching client with the most fitting developers, but helping both parties start and continue on a productive communication path.

Aciety development team continuously works on back-end of the platform to provide increasingly automated matching experience in narrowing down from 2000+ companies and their 100000+ developers to the best few. They do so with the help of Elastic search and AI to employ years of collective knowledge in each matchmaking case

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The Co-Founder Trio

Aciety was founded in 2011 by 3 co-founders - Aismantas Bulanavičius, Dovydas Bulanavičius and Tomas Pagirys.
Each come from different backgrounds in IT, Finance, Marketing and Engineering to produce both a clear vision for the company while having concrete steps in reaching it too.

Having valuable knowledge in finance has helped Aciety become one of the first crowd-funded companies in Eastern Europe in early 2010s with 50 crowd-investors.

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Aismantas Bulanavičius

Co-Founder, CPO

Aismantas Bulanavičius started working on and later managing software projects when he was 15 years old, in 2007. Growing older, he learnt about design, coding and the process of searching for developers. The experience of constant problems with freelance developers' performance and especially propensity to disappear without finishing the projects has made an impact on him. He graduated from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Lativa, which led to a great passion for finance, investments and, especially, financial derivatives. Combining all the interests, he dreamt of building a platform, which would solve developers' shortage - find good developers and provide them with an opportunity to work on meaningful projects regardless of their location. He started his journey by founding Aciety - the developers' platform and funded it with innovative financial derivatives.

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Tomas Pagirys

Co-Founder, CBDO

Tomas Pagirys did his first startup (group buying portal) back in 2009. Yet, originally the launch of the business was postponed by almost a year because two developers failed at building the platform, which was a major inconvenience. Also, Tomas did another startup - AdoreBox (, which was a beauty box subscription service. The business failed due to a lack of product-market fit. Yet, during the process, an e-commerce system was built and there were many pains and struggles along the way. So, when Tomas Pagirys met Aismantas Bulanavicius and heard his idea and passion to build a system, which would help to solve the developers’ shortage question, he was totally in, joining Aciety as Co-Founder soon after the company was established.

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Dovydas Bulanavičius

Co-Founder, CEO

In his early days Dovydas Bulanavicius was choosing between military service and business development and, finally, selected doing business. Adventure and challenges would have been experienced in either case, but the will to leave a footprint on the world by creating positive change via technology took over. Dovydas concentrates on company management, sales, operations and many other fields, which require the attention. He is characterized by a more strict no bullshit approach. Dovydas is pretty strong in terms of visionary and is capable of grasping the trends as well as the opportunities that come together with them. He has his geek side, which is crucial in tech business nowadays. This side allows him to go step-by-step with the latest technology developments.

Aciety Platform -
More Than Meets the Eye

Aciety’s matchmaking is based on a carefully crafted system which can find a few best service providers and their developers for our clients out of thousands potential options. Integrated AI and search engine-based matching narrow down to the best few from more than 2000 companies. The matching process within the engine encompasses up to dozens of criteria (language, geographical-cultural fit, scaling needs and opportunities, pricing fit, industry and domain knowledge, complexity, etc.) depending on specifics of the need.

In addition, Aciety promotes the healthy way to concentrate on specialties in which software development companies are the strongest in via Aciety Lead Exchange. Companies often receive client requests from their channels for needs they cannot service, or are non-competitive. Instead of still applying to such projects they guide these clients to Aciety and receive Lead Exchange Score for it (receiving similarly sized request where they are actually competitive back from Aciety).

Aciety’s platform combines information that companies provide themselves, public information about the companies which can be found on the internet, a search engine based matching system and Lead Exchange Scoring which allows us to pick the best match when the need comes.

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Aciety Numbers

Having 10+ years of experience, Aciety has already built a strong network of service providers. From 30 Lithuanian ones in 2014 to a platform of 2000+ in 2023, employing 100000+ software developers.


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Dedicated Developers


Projects to Date


Approved Service Providers

Aciety’s accumulated database, the team’s intelligence and experience has been the reason why we have been the best choice for multiple clients and development companies over the years.

Relationship Management as Core of the Matchmaking Process

Here in Aciety, we consider ourselves relationship managers for several reasons. It often happens that service providers are the most competitive and the best fit for a client. However, due to the lack of proper wording and reasonable explanations they lose the project against someone potentially worse but better at initial communication.

That is why Aciety not only matches clients with 5 best options, but also handles the initial communication and assists both parties in understanding each other better and making the right choice.

Our team helps our clients and developers to see eye to eye and, in the end, form a successful partnership. In Aciety we believe that it is not enough to be the best, you also have to know how to properly convey that. And communication is exactly what we help with.


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What Developers are in Aciety
- Dedication Recoded

Aciety is a great alternative to both employment commitments and the unreliability of freelancers. Choosing to only hire means that 100,000+ developers who are happilly working in Aciety companies, are mostly un-considered for your needs. These thousands of developers may be as good and dedicated or even a better match for you. The only difference is that they look for agency based long-term rent contract instead of being plainly hired. They are more fond of a couple year relationship where both produce and learn the most, rather than ‘’marriage’’ to a new company by becoming their employees

Here in Aciety we enable You to choose from both types of developers, hence allowing to choose from the entire market without any limitations.

Also, we help to ensure that once the relationship with particular developer is coming to an end, the gained knowledge is transferred across your organization, so the process is the same as with hiring people. Therefore, You have nothing to loose and more to choose from!

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Aciety - Origins and
the Meaning of Our Name

In its inception in 2011, Aciety name was a combination of two words: Allied Society.

It was developed envisioning an Allied Society, where tasks are distributed efficiently based on skills, expertise and experience. Promoting the multiplier effect and launching such initiatives as lead exchange, crowdfunding and others helped to grow the platform and put the first steps towards an allied community (or eventually - society).

However, in 2022 Aciety’s name evolved to better encompass our vision. The name no longer reflects the action (allying / exchanging / multiplying individual efforts) but rather the result that such action brings - abundancy of good and great outcomes. Hence, Aciety becoming Abundant Society.

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Aciety History

  • 2022, May

    +75,000,000 EUR in projects in Aciety milestone passed

  • 2021, August

    +25,000,000 EUR in projects exchanged in Aciety milestone passed

  • 2020, September

    1,000,000 EUR funding received from EU to build AI search in Aciety

  • 2019, January

    +1,000 software service providers from Europe in Aciety milestone passed.

  • 2018, June

    Aciety has received confirmation from Bank of Lithuania on distributing first in the world accruing discount coupon - TAP.

  • 2017, January

    Start of Aciety Lead Exchange in Aciety platform.

  • 2016, May

    +100 software service providers from Europe in Aciety milestone passed.

  • 2014, January

    Aciety platform starts with 30 software service providers from Lithuania.

  • 2011, May

    Aciety company was born.

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