From a small network of 30 Lithuanian companies in 2014 to a platform of 1600+ in 2023, Aciety covers any custom development work and hundreds of software products.

Over the last few years Aciety business has taken a clear shape: collaboration (between the suppliers) as the business model and everything else started falling into its place.

We enable our partners to sell their software at full price, while clients receive an average 40% discount, all thanks to our coupon and reverse factoring innovation.

With the first in the world smart-coupon – TAP, we’re the only company in the market that can do this.

Already 90+ products and 9.0 million EUR in agreements on board and growing.

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  • 2020

  • March

    1000 client requests (37 million EUR in total) milestone passed.

  • February

    First workshop between 8 product companies to form a bundle.

  • 2019

  • July

    50 product agreements (5 million EUR) to accept TAP milestone passed.

  • January

    1000 suppliers in Aciety milestone passed.

  • 2018

  • August

    First agreement to accept TAP as payment coupon was signed by one of the products - Know-Your-Customer solution - iDenfy.

  • June

    Aciety has received confirmation from Bank of Lithuania on distributing first in the world accruing discount coupon - TAP.

  • 2017

  • June

    Following the successful launch of Lead Exchange - Aciety has concluded to continue on the path of collaborative, supplier based marketing.

  • January

    Aciety Lead Exchange was started to enable software service companies to exchange irrelevant clients to ones that match their profile - maximising marketing budget efficiency.

  • 2014

  • January

    Aciety Network of software service companies was started together with 30 Lithuanian companies.

Aciety Team

Photo of Aismantas Bulanavičius

Aismantas Bulanavičius


Co-Founder, CPO

Photo of Tomas Pagirys

Tomas Pagirys


Co-founder & CBDO

Photo of Dovydas Bulanavičius

Dovydas Bulanavičius



Photo of Gytis Petrikėnas

Gytis Petrikėnas


Business Developer

Photo of Ernestas Lukoševičius

Ernestas Lukoševičius

Photo of Tomas Norkūnas

Tomas Norkūnas


Software Developer

Photo of Tadas Kalinauskas

Tadas Kalinauskas


Junior Frontend Developer

Photo of Simonas Mickevicius

Simonas Mickevicius