Last updated: April 8, 2024

These Terms of Service ( or apply to:

UAB “Aciety“, company registration number 302626251 having its registered address at Šeštokų st. 39-11, Kaunas, Lithuania (henceforth - Aciety); and

Legal entity represented by individual(-s), who registered in Aciety System and/or signed Aciety Cooperation Agreement as a User (henceforth - User); or anyone else given permission to use Aciety System with certain restrictions as offered by Aciety’s representatives in any offline/online promotional material;

Together called Parties and each separately – a Party.


  • Aciety pre-screens software service & product companies to find the ones that deliver quality results to their clients;
  • Aciety has created and is in control of the Aciety System to list and search for top software service and product companies;
  • Aciety helps Clients to find the best software development or ready-made product partner for their (usually high-scale) needs;
  • Aciety facilitates an exchange of Client Requests that Users cannot service to the ones that they can;
  • And Aciety’s goal is commercial success for all of its Users;

Parties who enter Aciety System agree to all Terms of Service (henceforth – Agreement) mentioned below:


Annex 1

Annex 2

Annex 3

Aciety Cooperation Agreement

  1. The Object of the Agreement

    1. By signing Aciety Cooperation Agreement or by registering in Aciety System, the User agrees to comply with all of the rights and responsibilities that come with this Agreement. Aciety becomes obligated to provide Aciety System services to the User on the terms and conditions described in this Agreement, but only if User has also signed the written copy of Aciety Cooperation Agreement together with a representative of Aciety.
  2. Definitions

    1. Aciety System – an online platform of services, data and products, governed and owned by Aciety.
    2. Request – a request to create or customize a product, provide services and/or goods, which a User became aware of via Aciety System, or via Aciety representative.
    3. Lead – a request to create or customize a product; provide services and/or goods, which Aciety became aware of from a User and the User has put an effort to introduce Aciety to an entity that created such request.
    4. Lead Exchange Scoring (or LES) – a numerical valuation, representing a composite value of User participation in Aciety System. Positive values indicate that User is prioritized to receive a Request(-s), while negative ones indicate the opposite. Disregarding modifiers 1 LES represents 50,000 EUR in estimated Request value.
    5. Employee – an individual linked to a referred party by employment or service contract.
    6. Database – a part of Aciety System that is described in Annex 2.
    7. Information – the information described in Annex 2 that is provided by the User to Aciety System or Aciety.
    8. Intellectual Property – any product, database, invention, enhancements, know-how, brand marks, design solutions, programs and any other works of intellectual nature that are protected by the current applicable mandatory laws.
    9. Client – an entity that has a Request. The client is considered to be one (or the same) for all entities linked by both: a) any individual who refers the User to other entity and is/was directly involved in Request; and b) any of the following features:
      1. One entity has a majority of stock or majority in voting power in the other entity;
      2. One entity has a right to change or lay off the majority of the administration staff of the other entity;
      3. One entity has representation rights of the majority of shareholders of the other entity.
      4. Referring individual is an Employee of the other (newly referred) entity.
    10. Confidential Information (CI) – is considered any Aciety and/or User(s) information that is not publicly available and disclosing this information to any 3rd party would result in a decrease of value of this information or damage the competitiveness of the party that owns this information. Regardless of the means any information is disclosed it is considered CI if it is confidential in nature or is labeled “Confidential”. In its nature such information is always considered confidential: Requests and all information associated with them, Client data, programming software source code, undisclosed product versions, prototypes, know-how, Client lists, any and all data on Employees, personal data, any pricing related to this Agreement, service pricing, business plans, workflow, and its contents, terms of agreements with Clients, terms of agreements with Employees, salaries, any information in Aciety System and Database, Aciety System User login data, information disclosed by other Users and other publicly non available information except for cases described in this Agreement. Parties agree that the information listed in Annex 2 may be accessible to other Users.
    11. CI Discloser – party that discloses CI.
    12. CI Receiver – party that receives CI in any shape or form or becomes aware of such information through some other means.
    13. Annex – a document listed as Annex 1, Annex 2, or Annex 3 all an integral part to this Agreement. In any case where terms in this Agreement are contradicted by the terms in the Annex, Annex supersedes the Agreement.
    14. New Request – a request to create or customize a product, provide services and/or goods for a Client, which a Contractor became aware of from the Client.
    15. Request Size – highest of the values in EUR as defined by: a) Aciety to User at the time they receive Request survey invitation; or b) User as offer to the Request survey.
    16. Work Agreement – a written or verbal contract between a User and a Client regarding completing, or fulfilling the Request and/or New Request(s).
    17. Contractor – a User, which has formed a Work Agreement in any form with a Client.
    18. Sub-contractor – any User (and their Employees) assisting a Contractor.
    19. Commission – fee collected by Aciety from Contractor as described in Annex 1.
    20. Referral – User that sends a Lead to Aciety through Aciety System, or via email to Aciety representative.
    21. Referral Compensation – fee paid or service done by Aciety to Referral in exchange for the Lead as described in Annex 1.
    22. Client Payment – amount of money value paid by Client to Contractor for an invoice from Contractor in reference to their Work Agreement.
    23. Product – (a) licensed Intellectual Property; (b) subscription-based cloud software; (c) standardized services listed in Aciety Marketplace by the User.
    24. Users – all entities that have registered accounts in Aciety System and/or signed Aciety Cooperation Agreement.
  3. Aciety System Services and Terms of Use

    1. Aciety System services consist of:
      1. Publishing of Users information for promotional purposes;
      2. Providing selected Users with Requests;
      3. Enabling Users to exchange Leads; and
      4. Premium (separately paid) services and/or functions that boost above and potentially other value creation to Users.
    2. Database description, Database terms of use are listed in Annex 2. Annex 2 can be changed by Aciety at any time in accordance to this Agreement.
    3. Upon registration, User will receive username and password to login into the system. This information must not be disclosed to any third party, unless the party receiving this information has agreed to all of the terms of this Agreement regarding information confidentiality. User is obligated to provide Aciety with the authorized individual's name, surname, position within company, contact information and inform as soon as possible if any changes have occurred to this information. User is obligated to take adequate security measures to ensure that no unauthorized individuals will join the Aciety System.
  4. Request Distribution

    1. Aciety representatives use Aciety System and collective know-how to determine the best matching Users for a particular Client. Users with positive LES are prioritized by Aciety System and Aciety representatives. Users with negative LES cannot apply to Requests sent by Aciety System (i.e. once they are determined as fitting to a particular Request), unless invited to such Request directly by Aciety representatives.
      1. Aciety offers a level of transparency in the selection process and discloses Users their LES. In addition, Aciety discloses some of the methods in how to improve LES, as well as some of the actions that should be avoided not to influence the LES negatively. Among other things to improve their LES, Users may: a) Participate in Aciety Lead Exchange ; b) Purchase LES credits; and c) make positive value creating actions, as detailed in Aciety System.
    2. In case a User produces an offer for a particular Request, then it is considered that they have proposed the terms for Work Agreement with a potential Client based on the Request information. Aciety does not guarantee that the Client will choose the User for completion of such Work Agreement, but if they do, User is responsible to keep Aciety up to date with Work Agreement information and any associated Client Payments as stated in this Agreement.
      1. Contractor has the right to find a Sub-contractor to help with the Request if it is allowed by the Work Agreement.
      2. The User assumes the responsibility to perform the work with quality and in a timely manner on every Work Agreement undertaken from Clients, other Users and Aciety.
  5. Provision of Data and Data Security

    1. User is obligated to provide Aciety System with the information specified in Annex 2. User gives Aciety the right to use the information according to the guidelines described in Annex 2 and make the information available to other Users. If this Agreement is terminated, Aciety retains the right to preserve information for statistical and analytical purposes, without personal information on Employees of the User.
    2. Contractors are obligated to provide Aciety with the information described in Annex 2, including, but not limited to: signing the Work Agreement, invoices sent to Client and associated Client Payments and any New Requests coming from the Client, so that precise Commission can be determined.
    3. When drafting the Work Agreement the User must make sure it incorporates the necessary clauses to allow the provision of data described in Annex 2. The newest edition of Annex 2 is available in the Aciety System for all its Users. User is still obligated to provide the data described in Annex 2 even if the User fails to incorporate the necessary clause in the Work Agreement. In any case the Contractor/Sub-contractor has full responsibility and risk associated with Client information handling.
    4. User guarantees and provides that for the sake of following this Agreement it has obtained all the necessary permits from competent bodies, shareholders, partners, Employee permits and authorization to provide Aciety and other Users with the information described in Annex 2 and that provision and use of information to Aciety System is legal.
    5. User guarantees that the information it provides is true, complete and accurate and meets the requirements of this Agreement.
    6. User is obligated to inform Aciety of any changes in the information it has provided in Aciety System within five (5) work days from when the change has occurred.
    7. User agrees that information described in Annex 2 and other data about the User (including Client reviews) may be made available to Clients and other Users in the Database according to the guides described in Annex 2, disclosed during: search for potential Contractors, providing mediation services and following other rules of this Agreement.
    8. User is obligated to ensure that data from Aciety System would only be used for purposes described in this Agreement and according to the guides within this Agreement.
    9. Aciety under no circumstances takes responsibility for the loss of information, information distortion, unauthorized login or any other violation within Aciety System except for the cases when it happened due to direct fault of Aciety.
    10. Aciety assumes no responsibility for the information provided to Aciety System by the User, does not check if the information meets the requirements of this Agreement. Aciety trusts the User’s guarantee. User is responsible and is obligated to protect Aciety from any responsibility for any violations of this article. In case it is determined that a User violated the requirements of this article all information that does not meet the requirements is deleted, archived or updated by Aciety.
  6. Representations and Warranties of the Parties

    1. Every party agrees and warrants that:
      1. All information provided during the negotiation and signing of this Agreement is valid, accurate and complete, Parties have not concealed any important information from each other;
      2. The Party has all necessary competence, authorization, decisions, permits and factual ability to form the Agreement and follow it in its entirety;
      3. Forming this Agreement will neither contradict nor break any law applicable to the Party. It will not break any court, state or municipal authority decision and/or any other obligations regardless of how the Party became bound by them;
      4. The signing and following this Agreement won’t contradict or break any articles applicable to the Party, no shareholder and/or competent body decisions or orders, no Party shareholders or creditors’ rights and legitimate interests;
      5. Party is not under any pending or threatened claims, lawsuits, processes, arbitrations, investigations or sessions in court, state, municipal or public administration body or arbitration that might prevent the party from following this Agreement;
      6. There are no other circumstances that the Party is aware of that might affect the ability of the Party to follow the obligations according to this agreement or hurt the reputation of Aciety and/or any other User.
  7. Price and Payment Arrangements

    1. Contractors pay Commission under conditions described in Annex 1.
    2. Referrals receive Referral compensation under conditions described in Annex 1.
    3. All pricing within Annexes does not include VAT. VAT rate applied depends on what is applicable by the current law and regulations at the date the invoice is issued.
    4. All payments specified within this Agreement are to be calculated and paid in USD, EUR or GBP. In case of direct payment between Client and User the payment currency is determined by the Work Agreement.
    5. All User payments associated with this Agreement must be made without any deductions unless such deductions are imposed by the current applicable mandatory law. In such cases the User must as soon as possible inform Aciety about the necessity to act on that article and provide Aciety with all the documents asked.
    6. Salary, interest, fines and any other payments that are applicable according to the Agreement are considered paid from the day payment is received in the Party's bank account.
    7. If the User does not make the payments it is obligated to make according to the Agreement and Annexes on time, Aciety has the right to demand 0.05% size fine for every day of delay. Paying the fine does not release the User from following the primary obligation.
  8. Suspension of the Agreement

    1. If a User fails to make a payment or violates the obligations or the Agreement in some other manner, Aciety can stop all of its services and honor no obligations after 3 days from a written warning to the User and continue such course of action until the User fulfils all of its obligations.
    2. Suspension of the services automatically extends any deadlines for Aciety to complete its obligations. Extension will be as long as the suspension was.
    3. Aciety can suspend its services to a User and access to Aciety System for any amount of time for reasons including but not limited to: maintenance, bug fixing, system upgrade, accident, confidentiality issues or any other hazardous circumstances. Aciety shall not compensate any losses incurred because of this, no payment of Commission shall be waved or reduced.
  9. Competitive Conditions

    1. A User during the whole period of time during which the Agreement is valid shall comply with fair business practices, however the User knows and agrees that Aciety has no non-competition obligations.
    2. User knows and agrees that Aciety can in its own discretion in accordance to this Agreement offer a Client the potential Contractor Aciety deems fit. In case a User is not considered for a Request, it will not have any access to information on the Request beyond what is specified in this Agreement.
    3. User understands that Aciety System promotes trust between its Users and that Aciety encourages simplified information and human resource exchange for the purposes of sub-contracting. In the event a Contractor poaches (by employing in any form, including employment and service contracts) an Employee directly, rather than from its Sub-contractor within two years such Employee was involved in fulfilling an associated Work Agreement, such Contractor is regarded as dishonoring trust practices of Aciety System. As such action demotes the trust between Aciety and its Users, Contractor is obligated to compensate Sub-contractor by 20,000 EUR (twenty thousand Euro) and Aciety by 5000 EUR (five thousand Euro) for each Employee poached.
  10. Publicity

    1. The User agrees that Aciety has the right to but is not obligated to use: the fact that this Agreement was signed; User company name; company description; logo; Aciety System statistical data; when advertising or for other purposes representing its services for potential Clients and other 3rd parties, included but not limited to publications in its announcements, articles, web pages, press, business proposals, TV, radio and presentations.
    2. Aciety is obligated to follow the User requirements regarding User name and or brand use, colors and looks. Aciety can in its own discretion choose the Users it will offer or advertise to particular Clients or any other 3rd party.
  11. Intellectual Property Protection

    1. All exclusive rights to Aciety System, Database, any data formed by Aciety or in Aciety System belongs to Aciety. During the period this Agreement is in effect the User is awarded the non-exclusive right to use Aciety System, Database and data provided by Aciety only for direct commercial use. It is prohibited to use the data from Aciety System for any other purposes other than described in this Agreement, to disclose this information to any 3rd parties without written consent from Aciety.
    2. The User is obligated not to violate the intellectual rights of Clients, other Users and/or Aciety, not to conduct any commercial or technical espionage (including reverse engineering), not to hurt Client, other User and/or Aciety Intellectual Property rights and reputation.
    3. Intellectual Property rights to every Request execution result or other product has to be described in the Work Agreement associated with that Request.
    4. User has to warrant and ensure that it takes over Intellectual Property rights from its Employees and/or Sub-contractors properly every time and reasonably ensures through legal and technical means that Employees and Sub-contractors can’t violate the Intellectual Property rights and those responsible for such violations are brought to justice.
  12. Confidentiality Obligations

    1. CI receiver is obligated to:
      1. To keep CI secret and have all reasonable security measures in place to ensure that CI remains secret and untouched;
      2. Not to use CI for other purposes than it was disclosed for;
      3. Not disclose CI to any 3rd party without a written consent from CI Discloser;
      4. Ensure that CI Discloser would be compensated fully for any direct losses incurred due to the actions of CI Receiver, its managers, competent bodies, Employees, consultants’ prohibited use of the CI or its disclosure.
    2. Obligations described in article 12.1 will not be considered violated if the information was disclosed to the CI Receiver managers, competent bodies, Employees, consultants, auditors or other 3rd parties that must be aware of such information for the purposes of following this Agreement with the condition that they agree to the obligations regarding CI protection. In any case CI Receiver will remain responsible to CI Discloser for any violations made by any party described in this Agreement and is responsible for compensating any damages.
    3. CI remains the property of CI Discloser. This Agreement does not entitle the CI Receiver in any way to the property rights, unless it’s directly specified within the Agreement.
    4. Upon termination of relations associated with this Agreement between the Parties or at any other time that the CI Discloser demands, CI Receiver must return all and every document containing CI to the CI Discloser and destroy any remaining copies of such documents, any electronic files within reason. Aciety does not warrant and has no obligation to ensure, that any information described in this article will be deleted from every program within the cloud and no trace will be left. Aciety retains the right to gather and save all information, provided by the User, specified in Annex 2 or any other information specified in this Agreement.
    5. Such information is not considered CI:
      1. If the CI Receiver is already aware of that information, if there is no CI agreement with the CI Discloser and there are no other obligations to CI Discloser or other parties regarding maintaining secrecy of CI;
      2. The information is obtained by legal means or developed by the CI Receiver, when information is accessible to CI Receiver without any CI obligations to the information source, that is not CI Discloser or its representative or who by the knowledge of CI Receiver is not bound by confidentiality agreement or otherwise obligated to CI Discloser or its representative;
      3. Is already public, not because of CI Receiver illegal disclosure, or it is public because of the current applicable mandatory law;
      4. That the CI Receiver can be obligated to disclose because of current applicable mandatory law, including following orders from competent legal, government bodies with the condition that the CI Discloser will be informed of such actions as soon as possible.
    6. CI Receiver upon violating an article regarding CI within this Agreement will have to pay a fine to CI Discloser equal to 10% of the Request Size associated with that CI if there is a written demand from the CI Discloser, or 1000 EUR at minimum. CI Receiver also has to compensate all direct damages caused by the violation if the fine does not cover them.
  13. Responsibility. Force Majeure

    1. If one Party violates the terms of this Agreement, the other Party will have the right of being compensated for direct damages only that are associated with the violation, except for those cases when it is specified otherwise in this Agreement. In no case unless it’s specified otherwise in this Agreement or current applicable mandatory law will a Party be obligated to compensate any non-direct or accidental damages.
    2. Aciety in no case is responsible for the actions or lack of actions of any User or Employee, their performance, Request execution or any other obligations towards the Client, termination of agreements with Clients, damage to reputation, and any other kind of damages except for those that are specified in this Agreement or the current applicable mandatory law.
    3. Aciety under no circumstances takes responsibility for the Client Payment issues, any other obligations Client fails to follow or any other associated risk.
    4. The User takes all responsibility for the negotiation regarding Requests, Work Agreement, Request execution, following legal requirements, mediation of disputes with Clients, compensation for damages to Clients or any 3rd party.
    5. User takes all responsibility and risk associated with the selection of Sub-contractors and their performance on the Request, also for drafting, signing and following a proper Work Agreement.
    6. Aciety will under no circumstances compensate any expenses incurred by the User for following this Agreement.
    7. User is obligated to protect Aciety and Aciety staff, other Users and their Employees from any damages, fines, sanctions, actions of government institutions or any other expenses (including reasonable expenses for lawyers) in any process and or proceedings raised because of actions or lack of actions from User, User Employee or any other 3rd party acting at the instruction of the User, any violation of this Agreement or the current applicable mandatory law, accident or other circumstances that the User is directly or indirectly responsible and Aciety takes the same obligation towards the User.
    8. Force majeure. A Party will not be held responsible for failing to follow this Agreement if it happened due to circumstances involving a force majeure, without limitations including: government actions, act of war, act of terrorism, strike, blockade, epidemics, natural disaster, collapse of buildings, fire, flood, earth quake, 3rd party communication equipment failure, or other unusual occurrences, that cannot be controlled by the Party which violated the Agreement or foresee at the time of signing this Agreement and which could not be objectively avoided by the Party. Party that is late or cannot follow the Agreement because of force majeure must inform the other Party within three (3) days about such circumstances and how it will affect the following of this Agreement. If the force majeure circumstances are a month or longer in duration any Party can give a written notice and terminate the Agreement without incurring any penalties.
  14. Validity, Modification and Termination

    1. This Agreement is considered valid from the moment the User creates and/or receives their Aciety System account and is in effect indefinitely until all obligations are fulfilled.
    2. If one of the Parties violates the essence of the Agreement, the other Party has a right to terminate the Agreement giving the notice 10 calendar days prior to the termination, if the Party fails to restore the damages done by the violation.
    3. In instances when the Agreement is updated by Aciety, the User has a right to terminate this Agreement without a prior notice in the period since Aciety has made changes to the Agreement and before they came into effect.
    4. Aciety has the right to reveal to public the fact of termination of the Agreement and the reason behind it, publication can be made on Aciety System, newsletter or any other media.
    5. Regardless of the reason for termination the Parties have to make any payments no later than on the last day this Agreement is valid. In case a User got a Request during the validity period of this Agreement, all clauses related to Commission in this Agreement stay valid until the Work Agreement is completed and all associated payments are made.
    6. After the termination the User right of access to Aciety System is restricted as soon as possible.
    7. User agrees that, that in the event of Agreement termination, Aciety saves and can use all information collected about the User for unlimited amount of time, except for any personal information about Employees of the User.
    8. After termination of the Agreement sections regarding Representations and Warranties of the Parties, Price and Payment Arrangements, Competitive Conditions, Confidentiality Obligations, Responsibility and Force Majeure stay valid.
    9. Unless otherwise agreed between the Parties, confidentiality obligations stay valid for 3 years after the termination of this Agreement.
  15. Other Terms

    1. While following this Agreement the Parties are obligated to act honestly and cooperate, as soon as possible inform each other about any circumstances that might affect the ability to follow the Agreement, solve any problems through mutual agreement.
    2. One of the goals of this Agreement – trust building between Aciety and its Users and among the Users themselves, forming of a united community, because of this any sort of dishonest business practice, unauthorised CI disclosure, violating the terms of usage of Aciety System, any sort of violation against the Terms of Service will be considered a violation of this Agreement essence.
    3. This Agreement does not create any legal body, partnership, joint venture, agency, representation, distribution or other relations between the Parties that are not directly specified in this Agreement.
    4. Any dispute between the Parties must be provided in a written form. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of this Agreement or related to this Agreement, its breach, termination or validity shall be finally settled in accordance to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
    5. If any article of this Agreement at any point of time becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, this will not affect the other article validity and obligations to follow them. In such a case, the Parties shall agree on replacing the invalid articles, which, as far as possible, have the same legal and economic implications as the recently illegal article.
    6. All notices, correspondence and other documentation relating to this Agreement must be in writing and will be deemed properly served to the Party if delivered personally to an authorized representative of the party or sent by registered mail, facsimile (with confirmation of receipt) or e-mail at the latest known address of the recipient Party. The Parties undertake to inform each other about their addresses and authorized representatives; correspondence sent to the last known address will be deemed to be properly served.
    7. This Agreement establishes the final agreement of the parties regarding the subject matter, cancels and supersedes all previous agreements on the same subject, either oral or written agreements between the Parties, negotiations, correspondence or suggestions.
    8. User has no right to transfer its rights or obligations under this Agreement to any 3rd party without a written consent from Aciety.
    9. Annexes:
      1. Aciety Cooperation Agreement Annex No 1;
      2. Aciety Cooperation Agreement Annex No 2;
      3. Aciety Cooperation Agreement Annex No 3;

Aciety Cooperation Agreement Annex No. 1


The User agrees that for the services listed in the Agreement certain fees apply. They are listed in detail in this document.

  1. Commission

    1. The User which becomes Contractor, compensates Aciety for matchmaking service and pays Aciety 10% (ten per-cent) commission (further - Commission) from each Client Payment for as long as they receive Client payments, but no longer than for 3 years, counting from the first Client Payment date in reference.
    2. In the event of the sale of Product(s), Commission is set to 10-30% depending on the conditions specified below:
      1. If Contractor is selling Product(s) to Client and have signed Pledge as specified in Annex 3 of this Agreement, the Commission is equal to 10% for each Client Payment.
      2. If Contractor did not sign a Pledge, then Commission is equal to 30% for the first 10,000 EUR in Client Payments for the Product(s) to the Client; 20% for Client Payments between 10,001 - 50,000 EUR; and 10% for all Client Payments above 50,000 EUR. Note. The ranges and Commission are counted for each Client separately.
    3. Contractor is obliged to inform Aciety about receiving each Client Payment within 2 work days and pay Commission for it to Aciety within 15 work days Aciety issues an invoice for the Commission.
    4. In the event Contractor does not provide details on most recent or next upcoming Client Payments by the end of each calendar month for the purposes of calculating accurate Commission, Parties agree Aciety service for the purposes of Commission calculation for the period is assumed provided in full and Commission is calculated automatically. Commission invoice to Contractor is issued automatically once every month for 3 (three) years, or until the missing Client Payment information is provided by the Contractor. Size of Commission is determined based on the highest value of the 3 (three) most recent Client Payments. If no relevant Client Payments information is available to Aciety for Commission calculation, then one sixth of the Request Size is used as Client Payment equivalent in order to determine Commission size.
      1. If (or once) the Contractor provides accurate Client Payment information for the purposes of Commission calculation for the period the Commission was calculated automatically: a) surplus paid is deducted from future Commission payments until outstanding balance evens out; or b) full unpaid value is issued as a separate Commission invoice if lesser value of Commission was determined automatically than based on relevant Client Payments information provided.
  2. Referral Compensation

    1. Referral receives LES for each qualifying Lead they send to Aciety.
    2. Aciety compensates Referral by priotizing and sending them Requests as detailed in Agreement section Request Distribution.
    3. Referral may request money compensation if Aciety receives Commission for the Lead and Referral spent less LES than received for the Lead within 90 days of sending the Lead. Money compensation is equal to 50% of Commission received from the Lead by Aciety and is paid to Referral once every quarter for as long as Aciety receives this Commission, or until Referral spends more LES than they received for sending the Lead.

Aciety Cooperation Agreement Annex No. 2


The User agrees that the following data shall be gathered about them, their personnel and the performance of each individual during their involvement in Aciety related activities in order to properly provide all the services within the Agreement.

  1. Public Use of Data Gathered

    1. Aciety has a right, but no obligation to use in its own discretion and choice the fact that this Agreement was signed by the User, User company name, all of the statistical data when advertising or in any form or shape presenting its activities to potential Clients or any other 3rd parties. For this purpose, the User agrees that its company name, logo, publicly listed clients and any information regarding their involvement and performance in Aciety related activities may be published by Aciety in any form of media.
    2. Aciety agrees to follow any demands of the User on how the logo/brand mark must be visually represented, colored and cases when the usage is prohibited.
  2. Information on the User

    1. User provides such information on themselves that can potentially be accessed publicly:
      1. Company Logo;
      2. Full name;
      3. Position within company;
      4. Email;
      5. Mobile number;
      6. Social media handles;
      7. Company name;
      8. Company website URL;
      9. Company description;
      10. Work samples;
      11. Products and all information describing them;
      12. Company pricing information;
      13. Other information that can be entered or imported in Company Profile pages by the User and not marked for Aciety admin use only.
  3. Aciety Search Data

    1. With a goal to continuously improve its service quality Aciety tracks the search engine activity and register the events including, but not limited to all information directly related to search query and User or visitor behavior in process of such query.
  4. User Agreements with Clients

    1. Upon signing Work Agreement with any of the Clients, each User must provide such information to Aciety via email, or other means identified by Aciety:
      1. Date of signing the agreement;
      2. Date when work starts and the estimated work end;
      3. Estimated cost of the contract and all other data associated to calculation of Commission;
      4. Functional requirements and technical description, unless otherwise agreed with Parties, based on confidentiality requirements specified by Client;
      5. Data of any Sub-contractors.

Aciety Cooperation Agreement Annex No. 3

  1. Introduction

    This Annex applies to all Users, who have received above zero value Pledge Allowance figure from Aciety in their Aciety Cooperation Agreements and who have a Confirmed Pledge. User (Pledger) agrees to accept defined amount of payments in TAP coupon ( from Aciety, distributors and other stakeholders for their Pledged IP.


    1. TAP – Coupon of Aciety Platform, 1 unit of which represents 1/10,000,000 of Total Pledged Value in Aciety.
    2. XTAP - exchange rate of TAP to EUR when buying Pledged IP for TAP: 1 TAP = Total Pledged Value / 10,000,000.
    3. Pledged IP - (a) licensed Intellectual Property; (b) subscription-based cloud software; (c) standardized services listed in Aciety Marketplace by the Pledger that can be paid in TAP.
    4. Pledge - How much stakeholders can buy of Pledged IP for TAP coupon at XTAP rate before the Pledge expires, in the event Pledger would like to terminate the Pledge.
    5. Pledger – User, which has received above zero Pledge Allowance figure from Aciety and has signed above zero Pledge value in any way specified in this Annex.
    6. Pledge Allowance – Maximum Pledge value as determined by Aciety for a particular User.
    7. Confirmed Pledge – Pledge value signed by Pledger in their Aciety Cooperation Agreement, or later added via Aciety System, or sent via email to [email protected] and confirmed by Aciety with corresponding Pledge Reward.
    8. Total Pledged Value - Sum value in EUR of all Pledges from Confirmed Pledges + 1 million EUR.
    9. Pledge Reward - Reward in TAP coupons for Pledger for their Confirmed Pledge = 1.25% * Pledge / XTAP.
    10. Total Pledge Rewards – Sum of TAP coupons in all Pledge Rewards.
    11. Distributed TAP – TAP distributed by Aciety to stakeholders according to conditions of Aciety Coupon Model.
    12. Circulation – Distributed TAP, not held in Aciety wallets, or held in Aciety wallets on behalf of Users.


    1. Aciety has created and is in control of Aciety Marketplace, that is used to buy, sell and exchange software;
    2. Aciety pre-screens software producers to find ones that have valuable and marketable products;
    3. Aciety helps clients to find the most suitable software development partners and software products for their particular (usually high scale, long-term) need;
    4. Aciety has launched a coupon, which is meant to encourage code re-use, marketing and reward system for TAP stakeholders;
    5. Aciety is releasing 10 million TAP coupons, value of which is based on XTAP rate (;
    6. Pledging is designed to ensure TAP buys at least as much software (or more) compared to the date it was distributed, ensuring favorable use by distributors, Pledgers and other stakeholders;
    7. Coupons are distributed in a unique model (Aciety Coupon Model), creating unparalleled affiliate opportunities: 1. First TAP is backed by software, only then it reaches the market; 1. When paying for Pledged IP, TAP value is equal to XTAP rate and as with new Pledgers this value grows, it provides surplus commission to distributors, while maintaining low fees to Pledgers;
    8. TAP effectively becomes accumulating discount coupon in a period while Aciety is on-boarding new Pledgers and universal software coupon - when on-boarding will reach maturity (at roughly 10,000 products);
  2. General Conditions

    1. Pledged Software – Pledger confirms: a) they have full rights to sell or otherwise distribute the software they listed on Aciety Marketplace; b) descriptions of such software are accurate and not misleading; c) they took necessary steps and will honor any purchase over 100 TAP for their Pledged IP at equal terms as their traditional clients with up to one work day delay; d) they will provide Aciety an up to date pricing of their Pledged IP and that it will be used when calculating how much TAP at XTAP rate should be used to pay for the Pledged IP; e) if pricing in EUR or any other currency in Pledger’s official website (or websites) is less than stated in Aciety Marketplace, Aciety and/or any TAP holder can request such pricing to be used when using TAP for purchase; f) they will provide support to buyers of their Pledged IP as stated by the Pledger in Pledged IP licenses and/or their product page descriptions.
    2. Pledged Value – Pledger confirms: a) they understand Pledge value defines how much Aciety, distributors and stakeholders can buy their product for TAP coupon before their Pledge expires, in the event Pledger would like to terminate the Pledge (if Pledger returns their Pledge Reward in full to Aciety, Pledge Minimum value would be used instead of Pledge value); b) if they request to terminate the Pledge, they will receive 75% on remaining sales proceeds, which would be distributed to the Pledger once Total Pledged Value grows higher than it is at the date the Pledger requested to terminate their Pledge.
    3. Pledge Allowance – Pledge Allowance is no more than (lowest of the following values, but not less than 25,000 EUR): a) specified by Aciety on individual case basis; b) 10% (ten per-cent) of Total Pledged Value;
    4. TAP Distribution - Aciety has issued and distributes 10 million TAP coupons. TAP may be released outside Aciety (in Aciety System and/or over blockchain for better authentication) and Aciety will exchange the older versions of TAP to the newer ones to retain a total of up to 10 million units of TAP in Circulation. Pledger confirms they will accept TAP at XTAP rate for as long as Aciety distributes TAP as per Aciety Coupon Model. If Pledger fulfills all conditions within this Agreement, they will receive Pledge Reward. If Pledger does not fulfill any of the conditions in this Agreement, they may receive a penalty up to the size of their Pledge Reward, paid in TAP to Aciety.
    5. Other Conditions – Aciety has made 1 million EUR pledge as a first pledger and will accept TAP for its products placed in Aciety Marketplace for as long as there will be any TAP in Circulation. Aciety maintains database of all Pledges and gives access to a list of products that could be bought for TAP to any TAP holder, owning over 1000 TAP if requested, with limitations as set by Pledgers.
    6. Untimely Termination – In case Pledger cannot fulfill their Pledge anymore for any reason on their own, they agree to pass access to Pledged IP to Aciety with the right to sell such Pledged IP for the amount equal to Pledge with all sales proceedings going in equal splits to Supplier Pool and Client Pool.
  3. Aciety Coupon Model

    Aciety has designed a coupon distribution model, which ensures that TAP is distributed primarily to its stakeholders and in a way to maximize growth of Aciety Marketplace and TAP adoption. There is a limited number of TAP (ten million coupons), distributed between five coupon pools, each with certain distribution conditions:

    1. Supplier Pool – 2 million (20%) TAP coupons rewarded to Pledgers as Pledge Reward, per its reward formula.
    2. Partner Pool – 2 million (20%) TAP coupons rewarded to partners, who should provide substantial growth in Aciety Marketplace clientele, or Pledgers. Limitation – Aciety has a right to reward partners in total no more than 2 * Total Pledge Rewards + 100,000 TAP in any given point of time.
    3. Infrastructure Pool – 2 million (20%) TAP coupons rewarded to infrastructure producers, who contribute legal, technological, or business support to expansion of Aciety Marketplace and/or use cases for TAP. Limitation – Aciety has a right to reward infrastructure producers in total no more than 2 * Total Pledge Rewards + 100,000 TAP in any given point of time.
    4. Client Pool – 2 million (20%) TAP coupons sold as software coupons to Aciety clients (with intention to favor software service companies, which could use TAP to buy products for their clientele). Limitation – Aciety has a right to sell clients in total no more than 2 * Total Pledge Rewards + 100,000 TAP in any given point of time.
    5. Team Pool - 2 million (20%) TAP coupons split between shareholders and employees of Aciety. Limitations: a) Locked for 1 year from the moment Total Pledged Value will surpass 10 million EUR; b) Unlocked afterwards proportionally based on formula: 0.25 * (sum of TAP distributed from Supplier, Partner, Infrastructure and Client Pools).