Current TAP value: 1.09 EUR / TAP

10.9 Million EUR Agreements Signed + 12.6 Million EUR in process

Quick Background

Aciety Platform

Aciety is a B2B software service and product platform, uniting 1600+ companies from Europe.


We help clients globally by: a) picking the best ready-made product; b) developing custom solutions; or c) combining products with customization service.

TAP Coupon

With software products companies we sign TAP Agreement, which enables our clients to receive av. 40% discount on software, while producers receive full payments.

How TAP Works?


TAP discount

TAP is an accumulating discount coupon - each month the effective discount grows until TAP is used to buy software products (or potentially - services).


Backed by Software

Producers sign how much TAP they would accept in EUR value (i.e. 100,000 EUR worth of TAP) from Aciety customers. This agreement gives Aciety the right to distribute TAP.


Discount Origin

Based on the agreement - value of 1 TAP is equal to: a sum of obligations from all product companies and divided by 10,000,000 TAP (i.e. 1.09 EUR/TAP now).

Each new product increases overall obligations and hence - value for each TAP. It allows Aciety customers to buy TAP when its price is lower and spend it on software later - the change in value is their effective discount on software spending.
Average Aciety client saves 40% on software with TAP

Is Discount Guaranteed?

First Time Guarantee

When a new customer chooses a product, integration usually takes a few months. When buying TAP to later pay for this product, Aciety gives guarantee - regardless of the growth in period, we reserve enough TAP to form a predetermined discount (av. 40%, i.e. pay 6,000 EUR to buy 10,000 EUR product in 3 months).

Growth Period

Aciety is on-boarding around 10,000 products to accept TAP (from 50,000 globally) and it will take 5 or more years to sign all agreements based on our growth so far. This is the period when customers can accrue significant discounts.

Maturity Period

At around 10,000 products, based on the distribution rights we will distribute all 10,000,000 TAP. In high thousands the growth (and discount) will slow down substantially as there will be fewer important solutions to add.

At maturity TAP will become a universal software coupon (i.e. any company could find software it needs) and as no significant discount gets accrued, it will be likely sold at a small discount (5-15% equal to affiliate commissions) for customers to receive instant discount when buying software with TAP.

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Note. Aciety cannot guarantee discount growth. It is based entirely on our success in signing new agreements. As Aciety has grown from 0 companies in 2014 to 1600+ in 2023, we are confident about it, but to be prudent - we sign TAP agreements with product companies in a very strict distribution model. Before TAP is universal in use, it is extremely (over-)covered: 10.9M EUR in agreements, but less than 0.5M EUR of TAP in the market (15+ times coverage rate) - helping us make sure that there would always be more products that accept TAP than TAP in the market. Only once we reach thousands of products and TAP becomes universal in use, the coverage will get closer to 1. Read more on distribution of TAP in: Aciety Coupon Model.