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What is Aciety Badge+?

Aciety ranks performance of thousands of software development companies in Europe. Your company was nominated in [X] categories. Aciety selects up to top 10 companies in each of a total of 100 categories in a given year.

Badge+ - Get selected in 1 or multiple of these categories as among top 10 companies in [year] to get increased exposure and trust from your and Aciety clients.

Receive Badge+: “Top 10 in X, [year]” and get listed in Aciety social media (blog, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.)

Get marked as “Top 10 in X” in your offers to Aciety clients

Get Badge+ listed in your Aciety company page and your website

Get Aciety consultations on the best practices used by top performing companies

Most Valuable Nominations For 2024

PHPDevelopersTop 10%2024.NETDevelopersTop 10%2024SoftwareDevelopmentTop 10%2024JAVADevelopersTop 10%2024

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How it works


Aciety AI search ranks companies


You can display nominations publicly


Buy Badge+ to get selected among top 10


We perform audit to determine your selection(-s)


Get selected and receive Badge+ benefits

Note. Upon audit categories you get selected among top 10 may slightly differ from the ones you request initially.

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