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Higher Lead Exchange
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Only €600.00 per €50,000.00 lead!

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What is Aciety Lead Exchange Score (ALES)?

ALES is a composite value of company’s performance in Aciety. Its main determinants are:
a) how successful the company performs in client requests (leads); and
b) their use of Aciety Lead Exchange.

ALES = €600.00 = €50,000.00 lead

If lead is > €100,000.00, maximum 2 ALES deducted

Once you win, payments for ALES are deducted from commission payments

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Who Works With Our Suppliers?

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& many more – over 3 billion EUR of value created every year

How it works


You buy ALES


Your ALES proportionally grows


We send more matching leads


You use ALES to apply to those leads


Process continues while ALES above 0

Note. All companies start with ALES = 3 to get a few leads before they participate in Lead Exchange, or buy ALES.

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