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Get placed in no. 1 spot for €300.00!

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What is Aciety Premium Positions?

In each client project, Aciety first uses its search to narrow to top 10 companies to request their offers and then selects up to 5 based on their current availability and competitiveness in particular case.

Aciety Premium Position gives you a guaranteed 1st position in Client Offer and much more!

Get placed first in the Client Offer to maximize exposure

Get survey consultation to ensure all client expectations are met

Get pre-client meeting coaching to ensure great first impression

Get Aciety consultations on the best practices used by top performing companies

Who Works With Our Suppliers?

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& many more – over 3 billion EUR of value created every year

How it works


You get survey invitation


You apply to survey


You pay for Premium Position (only 1 company slot)


We place you in 1st slot of Client Offer


We coach you to maximize chances of winning

Note. Only companies that overall fit client needs are invited to surveys, but small details are key to determine the winner - we help ensure you take a great care of those small details.

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